£50 Tickets Now All Gone

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by trublue55, 31 Mar 2011.

  1. Carver


    11 Jun 2009
    Sat on the half way line.
    So did I
  2. swp-dream2


    13 Aug 2010
    It happened to me yesterday - told no £50 tickets - but people got them phoning after I did (close on 9am). And people got them today. For me a tickets a ticket, as much as I wanted a £50 one.
  3. spidermanc


    21 Sep 2009

    I agree with this, if true it does make a mockery of the loyalty points system. I could get my ticket Mon and got a 50 seat. I didn't have the option to buy a category 1 seat as they sold out on the Sat. In fairness why should i get a category 1 seat over those with 6000 points plus. I shouldn't! I think the same is true of each price category.
  4. The Boy Mike D

    The Boy Mike D

    4 Feb 2010

    Dont no of anyone who got a £60 ticket they were sold out sat ?? think club must have keept them for players familys and friends ????
  5. dan.j.mcfc


    26 Oct 2008
    I've only heard of two people with category 1 tickets, my friend and his dad. I'm not arsed about category 1 tbh I'm happy as a pig in shit with my category 4 ticket that I chose for one reason, to save money !!!
  6. robsta


    15 Oct 2008
    I got two of the category one tickets. Bought over the phone 9.30 on Sat morning. i think you are right that players family and friends and i reckon corporates will have got most. there was only about 3000 in this category but I'm proof that some did go to ordinary fans and even via the ticket agency.
  7. Chillidog77


    4 Sep 2010

    We got 5 Category 1 tickets on Sat. 4 of us (the other on 4,000+) are on 6,500+ loyalty points though. So, at least a few normal fans got some.
  8. alan__mcfc


    13 May 2009
    Getting seats for my son today and was told only had £30 tickets or rows 1 - 6 in the 50 quid seats. Now people sem to have got tickets higher than row 6
  9. not my fault!

    not my fault!

    1 May 2008
    Ninja & part time Jedi
    Balls deep!
    I got my tickets yesterday but I was told several times that no £50 tickets remaind. I knew this wasn't the case as mates were phoning and getting them in the lower tier. I rang the club direct (not the ticket line) and was sold two £50 tickets in the upper tier as "all lower tier had gone". Was happy at that until another mate rang up today as I was there and got three in the lower tier behind the goal! So I rang up and after a pleasant chat they exchanged my seats to the same block and row as my mate. Maybe then this holding back certain amounts per day is true?
  10. GrumpyBlue86


    23 May 2009
    I think it depends how many tickets each individual seller has left and not the category over all. My mate went down on Saturday to get six category two tickets and was told that he couldn't get six together so we ended up coughing up the extra tenner for category one. We all know that there were thousands of category two tickets left after Saturday so we just copped for the wrong window.

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