£60 for Villa at home

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by xgorton, 20 Mar 2014.

  1. john@staustell


    21 Dec 2009
    Fact remains what was £34 ish is now £58.

    Anyone just doen that Cityvoice survey where they are talking about a ticket for the last 3 games at £160 or something?
  2. Bluebee2


    31 May 2009
    Who would this once in a lifetime experience be for £40 ?
  3. Santiago Street

    Santiago Street

    21 Apr 2010
    We live in a free market, supply and demand determines prices, fair enough in theory

    But your lapsed blue who's got a young family, a mortgage to pay for and fancies taking his lad to a game like his dad once took him might balk at paying £100 for the pleasure. Not a problem our new bourgeois fans have.

    I am sick and tired of seeing ABC1 types at Eastlands, dressed up like they're on a date, taking selfies or otherwise pissing about on their phone all game.

    "WE NEED TO BE SELF SUSTAINING" scream the no doubt sensible replies to my flawed argument. But do we really ? In terms of matchday revenue how much more income do we get per game by filling the ground with well to do entertainment seekers rather than genuine city fans ? 30 minutes worth of oil from one of the Sheikh's wells ? We're probably still paying that **** Adebayor more money per year than these new fans bring in.

    I know I'm wrong really and a luddite in this respect but for me every time a thread like this appears it's another nail in the coffin of the City we used to be. Unsuccessful, infuriating City maybe. But our City.
  4. chris85mcfc


    28 Jun 2013
    I agree take me back to the old days, watching shite football and being the laughing stock.
  5. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    It would be a valid point but prices are sky high across the board in football. We may pay a slight premium for certain games but still competitively priced. We could be playing similar to watch shit football and shit players
  6. LoveCity


    21 Jan 2010
    What about if it all goes tits up and there's nothing to play for against Villa?
  7. willy eckerslike

    willy eckerslike

    15 Jan 2013
    I once saw a Jim Davidson show in Torquay - that was once in a lifetime!
  8. chris85mcfc


    28 Jun 2013
    Then I imagine these people that were thinking of going won't be going anymore
  9. mansour's tow ropes

    mansour's tow ropes

    16 May 2009
    I think the point is that it may go tits up after you've bought your ticket
  10. chris85mcfc


    28 Jun 2013
    Well that's just tough then isn't it really

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