£72 million over 6 years?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Nascent Blues, 22 May 2013.

  1. S04


    7 Sep 2008
    Logistics...and it´s as boring as it sounds.
    Abu Dhabi P.O.V
    Shirt sales?
  2. BlueSiam


    27 May 2012

    I usually agree with your posts Marvin, but have to disagree here big man.

    I live in SE Asia, as one may have guessed. Given the attention focussed here by the bigger clubs, I have to assume this part of the world represents a fanbase worth tapping into.
    I see Arsenal, Rag, Chelski and Liverpool shirts everywhere, though many are undoubtedly fakes!. Thaksin's brief PR soiree with City has inspired more City fans in Thailand, but in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.etc. when these other teams come to town they generate far more excitement than City have in the recent past. Local TV networks hold major events when the various 'Reds' are playing and they are New Year's Eve level!!!

    This will change as a new generation of fans grow up with City as a Premier League power. Our era is on the way!
  3. GazM


    23 Jul 2009
    Watching City from behind the sofa
    No, that would be David Cameron.
  4. john@staustell


    21 Dec 2009
    Judging by the 2 clubs' revenue figures for year end May 2012 all those Arsenal fans aren't buying much, as we're almost neck and neck with them already.
  5. Danny Hoekman

    Danny Hoekman

    25 Jul 2008
    Fantasy Island
    We don't sell more as we're much cooler than that lot who feel the need to wear ill fitting, overpriced polyester tat.
  6. john@staustell


    21 Dec 2009

    Surely this is nonsense?

    The 12M or whatever is for the goodness of promoting Nike brand as a top club with millions of fans (or so). Shirts, scarves, hats, dildos and everything else are then done on a wholesale supplier basis, where the club gets shirts at a certain price and sells them on higher and this contributes to our commercial revenue.

    That's how retail works.
  7. St Helens Blue (Exiled)

    St Helens Blue (Exiled)

    5 May 2011
    12 mill per season for the kit....

    Etihad....30 million per yer for the academy/new training complex

    If reports are to be reported.....££££££ for a new shirt deal...

    It's all good IMO
  8. BoyBlue_1985


    14 Nov 2009
    Dafuq is this shit
    When Nike help fund a deal for a superstar we will all be happy enough
  9. It's not really a new deal though is it ? It's just the 10 year Umbro deal we signed 4 years ago being moved by the heads at Nike (who own/ed umbro) over to Nike from Umbro as they are selling Umbro off.

    So those thinking the numbers are a bit short would be right, as they are four years out of date.

    Not an expert though but that's what I understand this to be.
  10. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Yes, that's what I was refering to. City's annual a/cs for end of 2011/12 season showed that we had broken £200m revenue for the first time. Level with Arsenal

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