2 Tickets For Huddersfield Required If Poss!

Discussion in 'Ticket and travel exchange' started by TCIB, 16 Feb 2018.

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    2 life long blues who retired to the land of kangaroo abusers would be after 2 tickets if possible. They will absolutely tear shit up, kick off and nut your kids. Total wronguns they are... said Mr Graithewaite who feels their new garden flower arrangement is "a bit much" and they should be looking at a custodial sentence for abusing the sanctity of the neighbourhood.

    All that goes to say they are no bother and are not cherry picking sods, they are visiting family and it's the only match in their scope.

    If anyone can help that would be great, i understand it is a long shot.


    19 Nov 2008
    93:20 May 13th 2012
    Need 2 for this game if anybody has spares please PM me, Don't have to be seated together anywhere will do.

    Thanks Blues!
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