90 Year old gets 2 years suspended for killing 2 women in a motor accident

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Blue Llama, 7 Nov 2017.

  1. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    not now he's been banned for life (wasn't clear when I posted). If he hadn't been, I was offering a possible reasoning. As long as the judge is satisfied his wife's care won't be affected that's the main thing.
  2. marcus


    9 Feb 2006
    chedle en le hum
    It wasn’t actually. Us as a family. She hadn’t been fit to drive for at least the last year but her doc is an utter cock who advised to crack on. Unfortunately she thinks her doctor is GOD and listens to him over everybody. She was on strong pills for back ache at one point that had in bold capitals DO NOT DRIVE WHILST TAKING THESE and her doc said to still drive and not to worry.
    Was fun pointing this out to him and threatening to tell his superiors
  3. stonerblue


    23 May 2004
    Still alive here....
    The clue is in the word 'accident'. Do you really wanna see this fella sent to prison?
  4. Southern


    9 Aug 2015
    Most useful thing from this case is to ensure older drivers are reguarly monitored/tested. If they are not competent, they are a risk to others and themselves
  5. west didsblue

    west didsblue

    2 Oct 2011
    Did something similar with my Dad. Every time we saw him there were more bumps at the front and back of the car and he could never remember how they happened so we told him we'd get it repaired for him and never gave it him back. We kept telling him that the garage was waiting for parts until he stopped asking.
  6. Tragic meat van guy

    Tragic meat van guy

    29 Jul 2010
    There needs to be re-tests every 2 years for the elderly to keep their licence, what the previous poster said happens in Ontario makes total sense.

    However,,,, this should be a free, mandatory assessment and we all know whichever set of wankers are in power when it happens will apply a ridiculous charge to the assessment and therefore force an entire generation off the road and into losing their independence.
  7. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    Occasional idiot
    Surrounded by the dark side of the force
    I'd have said that the safety of the wider general public (rather than the care of one person) was the main thing, surely?
  8. gordondaviesmoustache


    19 Oct 2010
    That's right, man; I got in
    Any borough in England and Wales
    It saddens me whenever I witness anyone get a hard-on for sending someone to prison, not least because except for the most dangerous of individuals, it doesn't work and is an anachronism.
  9. Blue Llama

    Blue Llama

    26 May 2009
    Accident is just a word to describe something that isn't planned. It doesn't mean on the law of probability it couldn't be predicted. Us old buggers should be forced to take regular driver assessment tests
    On the question of Prison it will be interesting to see what the younger guy Morrison gets for killing one and maiming another.
  10. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    At what age mate ?

    I suggest 70 and then you retake your test including the hazard perception.
    I also advocate the law applies to all regardless of age.
    If you are old enough to control a car then you are old enough to serve a sentence.

    In this incident I think only of the dead.
    We have to reapraise the insanity of allowing old doddery people whose reactions behind a wheel are zero to drive machines that can kill.

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