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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by unclebatman, 2 May 2016.

  1. unclebatman


    21 Jul 2007
    Have trawled the forums and can't find what I'm looking for.
    Any season card holders for 93:20 out there?
    Looking into the possibility of moving there for next season, but can't find the link to show what's included.

    Also, what's the first season been like? Any issues with away fans etc?
    What sort of price are cup games typically?
    Any and all advice appreciated.

  2. KnaresboroughBlue


    19 Aug 2006
    I have enjoyed it there and will stay on for next season, Free program, padded seat, access to 93:20 bar etc. You do get a few away fans there but have been well behaved.
  3. KippaxCitizen


    10 Nov 2013
    You know what - off topic this but it just and to mind - I've always wondered why "93:20" is at that end of the ground when Kun scored 'that' goal at 93:20 at the other end. You'd think this would be called something else and 93:20 named for the North Stand redevelopment.

    Sorry just a random thought there.
  4. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    I have really enjoyed it. Decent view. No knobheads around and plenty of space at half time plus easy contact for cup and away tickets. Been well worth the money.
  5. Ric


    22 May 2004
    I've sat in there a couple of times, as my mate gets free tickets there through his work. There's not much atmosphere, as you might expect, but the bar is a definite plus. Not sure it's worth the money though for a season ticket in there, unless you're loaded.
  6. KnaresboroughBlue


    19 Aug 2006
    Atmosphere is ok if you're nearer the away fans. Not exactly rocking but better than where I was on the 3rd tier.
  7. ColinLee


    3 Sep 2012
    The Blue side of the moon.
    Weren't these seats shown as corporate on the seat planner or was that Joe's?
  8. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    It's been OK in 93:20.

    To give you idea on cup prices, I think it was £25 for the semi final versus Everton but £50 to £70 for the Champs League games. I relocated to 111 for the Madrid semi and got two tickets for the price of one (in 93:20).

    Yes there are a few away fans but the only trouble was versus Everton in the semi.

    The seats are located close enough to the away fans and the singing area to get some atmosphere. I sing regardless and the odd Blue joins in.

    One of the main benefits is being able to get a pint on Champs League nights. The downside is the prices as you know!
  9. philiph20


    18 Jun 2006
    These seats are rarely full apart from in a handful of games. Are they all sold and the owners only tip up for a handful of games ?.
  10. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    It would have been Joe's where the prices are increasing from £1,750 to £1,900 for next season. Joe's is sold out with the Club giving existing Joe's members priority to invite friends to fill the remaining seats. 93:20 is not corporate but there's a decent bar!

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