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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by MegaBlue, 3 May 2016.

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  1. M18CTID


    15 Jul 2008
    In the cricket club at Burnley away
    Don’t do it to yourself. I did that one evening in 1993 when I got home from work fully expecting Geoff Thomas to have signed for us, only to find out that he’d gone to Wolves instead. Even now, I’m not totally over it.
  2. Rammy Blue

    Rammy Blue

    23 May 2008
    No Yaya
  3. I'm no cynic but...

    I'm no cynic but...

    22 Jan 2013
    True friends stab you in the front.
    Txiki must have been guided by Marvin's posts!
  4. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    Occasional idiot
    Surrounded by the dark side of the force
    Bunch of money grabbing mercenaries.
  5. San Tropez

    San Tropez

    2 Sep 2017
    Why are people here talking as though City are refusing to pay just £35mil when the reality of the situation is:

    1) Arsenal want £35m
    2) Sanchez rumoured to want £15m signing on fee
    3) Agent wants £5m
    4) Then a weekly salary of £400k
  6. chedinho


    16 Feb 2009
    so ****ao and coutinho are just big and little cnut ;)
  7. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    They say a picture tells a thousand words. That tells me we have great human beings playing and managing us.

    What a job the bald ginger kit man has by the way. Been here a good few years now since he was very young.
  8. Shaw_Guy


    29 Dec 2017

    What i´m trying to say is that Mourinho knows that the only way to win the Guardiola Mourinho game is extenuating (it´s the word correct, right??) him.
    This is going to happen with all the potential signings ( Fred, Weigl.all), contract renegotiations, etc.
    The gentleman
    For Mourinho is the same. He´s not corrupt but Antero were on the same " play dirty" mode.
    Whores and gangsters happen in Porto. They got points taken. It´s no joke! Actually Portugal is a soap opera on that type of thing, lolololol. That´s the extreme.

    If that "way of conducting business" was ok, in this case Mourinho will going to be on every transfer, every contrat renegotiation, with messages in the press and all of that.
    Carefull because Mourinho like Antero play dirty and like in the "Ashley Cole" situation they will do everything to put the game in their confort zone (low blows allowed).
    Do you think that Pogba ( injuries quote) came from the bhuddist approach by Mourinho?
    He thinks this is a war. That´s all he knows. That´s all he does.
    He is good in press conferences, defensive approach and developing a "war mentality".
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  9. The first 2 equate to City’s match day income for a season. Don’t buy him and let us all in for free, I say!
  10. Healdplace


    12 May 2013
    Because they are not reading the thread where that has been said about every other page.

    Those asking what Tolmie's Hairdo has said - JUST USE SEARCH.

    Easy.He has been on here several times this afternoon with no Youtube stuff - just the straight gen on what City have briefed today. Read it.

    It looks very reliable.

    Basically City believe he only wants us. Arsenal want more than we will pay. It is down to Alexis if he wants to come here or just get out anywhere and go with the money. They seem pretty confident but cool either way.
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