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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by MegaBlue, 3 May 2016.

  1. Mikejl


    24 May 2014
    Staring at a screen
    Smoke signals on this looking negative now. Simple indications

    We won’t (& shouldn’t budge) on our valuation - don’t act like EdwarWooWar basically & throw cash around like an arrogant deluded lottery winner
    Rags will pay over the odds (Falcao, Pogba, Di Maria etc) as they are desperate & Peg used the December period to pressurise them into stumping up more cash
    Players almost universally listen to their agents, it’s a strong bond with the person who made you a fortune that’s hard to break
    Agent is leveraging for a huge payday by screwing the Rags (again see Falcao & Pogba deals)
    We’ve lost out/walked away in similar circumstances - Hazard, Isco, Falcao, Pogba
    Mendes stooge in the media, the laughable Castles is sadly accurate on transfer stuff & latest article hints at them being favourites

    Still hope we sign him as he’s still going to be an amazing player for the next 2 years, but if he goes for the sake of lining his agents pockets over a potentially trophy laden season he’s not worth it. Move on & get Dybala or similar over the summer
  2. richards30


    20 May 2009
    Want Sanchez here but the numbers we have offered seem more than fair and if the scumbags want to pay him another £100,000 a week then crack on! Considering maks cadena said Sanchez isn’t interested in money and wants to win trophies and be the best then the decision in the Sanchez camp should already be made! He should tell his agent, get the deal done and get back with pep! If he’s pissed off playing for Arsenal surely he has heard about and seen enough rags games to know he’s going to hate playing for PEG?!?
  3. Young Blue

    Young Blue

    5 Jun 2011
    It's true Pep offers the most attractive football and chance of winning trophies, certainly this season.

    However Sanchez is from a poor background and at 29 is reaching the end of his career. If they are offering over £3m more per year in wages it's a lot of money to turn down.

    I hope he does and comes to play for Pep, but if he goes to them, he won't be the first or last to be seduced by the money.
  4. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Aren’t you connected with people at Arsenal? What’s the inside track on this?
  5. manimanc


    26 Jul 2010
    breaking into heaven.....
    Will do mate. You will get a pm from me.
  6. richards30


    20 May 2009
    Not connected mate! Lol one of our clients is an executive at the arse. Haven’t even asked anything to be honest bud because I haven’t seen the guy for about 6 months as I have been working on a different area. Everything else though over the last 6 months has been explained surely? My opinion is that Sanchez still wants pep and us but his agent wants the bigger payout and it will take Alexis to stand his ground and get the move he wants.
  7. geoff clipp

    geoff clipp

    20 Jul 2010
    He's gotten quite a few things very wrong on transfers.
  8. flb


    15 Aug 2008
    Henry The Mild Mannered Janitor
    If it’s about the dough then surely he’d sack it and go on a free in the summer with a mega signing on fee? Seems like it’s a mixture of the two, he comes here and wins a PL title being involved in 16 games , possible domestic cups and a strong tilt at the CL , if his agent wants mega money AND trophies this season then he needs to back down,always makes me laugh this loyalty to agents shit from players, shows you how fucking thick footballers can be doesn’t it.

    A, He goes to united and ends up potless but loaded.
    B, He comes to City, wins trophies in his first season.
    C, He moves in the summer for even more of a signing on fee and chooses City.

    He can’t have trophies AND the financial package United are offering.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s C tbh.
  9. PW


    21 Aug 2017
    Is anyone else fed up with this transfer. He didn't come in the summer and in all fairness if he doesn't come in January I won't lose to much sleep. Yes he's a world class player and would be a valuable addition, but if pound signs mean more than football let the vermin have him. All this wanting to play for Pep talk doesn't really hold much water with me and unfortunately I get the feeling that cash will be king. If we do walk away I hope for the sake of our push for trophies we have alternatives to bolster the numbers because I doubt that we will ever find ourselves in this position again.
  10. City_Sean


    23 Oct 2011
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    Keep saying this but it's a simple case of an agent pulling one way and a player pulling the other. Sanchez wants Pep, hence why he rejected PSG and Bayern in the summer who were both willing to pay him more than we did.

    His agent wants a huge payout - we won't do that. If Alexis wants City he'll have to make a sacrifice in terms of finances and he'll have to stand his ground that he wants City.

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