Alexis Sanchez

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by MegaBlue, 3 May 2016.

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  1. Iamthemusicman


    10 Dec 2013
    That sounds like a little Argentinian fella we used to have.
  2. dario2739


    6 Jan 2009
    Don't think we were in for him when he went to Arsenal, I'd have him now though, great player.
  3. Hart of the Matter

    Hart of the Matter

    23 Jul 2011
    Like I said in another thread, I miss Carlos!
  4. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Or chose to spend our money unintelligently on Mangala and Fernando. Said it time and time over that summer, we needed a more incisive attack. I could not convince folks here our weakness was on offense. Sure our defense was average, but could get by. Where we lacked was another midfield controller, and a scoring winger. Barcelona had both on the trade block in Sanchez and Fabregas.

    I kept saying over and over, forget adding defense. We had Komps, Demi and Nastacic with Denayer as the fourth. What we needed was more control in midfield and and a scoring winger.

    I was scoffed at. Told we had banged in over 100 goals that season and offense wasn't an issue.

    I argued then that we scored more early on and tailed of drastically towards the end. Not to mention, Yaya scored 20 goals: lots of Free kicks in there. This was unlikely to repeat. And he was showing signs of slowing down that was covered by the goal explosion.

    I recommended selling Yaya at his production peak (albeit not his performance peak), getting Fabregas to run our offense and adding Sanchez biting edge.

    Most thought I was an idiot. It was so glaringly obvious back then. But most here bought into the "Beast" Mangala and the "Octopus" Fernando hype.

    I said it then, these are good players, Sanchez and Fabregas were great players. Heard Fabregas wanted London, fair enough. Sanchez on the other hand was just waiting for any taker.

    Seeing as we were into him when he went to Barca, and the guys who got him for Barca now worked for us, how the fuck did we lose out on such an easy gimme? Tunnel vision I suppose :-(

    Like I said, I'm ammusedly annoyed :(

  5. We still have Demichellis
  6. BluessinceHydeRoad


    26 Mar 2012
    Back in 2011 Sanchez was City's number 1 target but in the end he went to Barca, which was his number 1 choice. His chances of regular first team football at Barca were clearly limited by the start of the 2014-15 season were clearly limited with the arrivals of Neymer and then Suarez and he wanted out. City were still interested, it appears, but faced that ridiculous limit on transfer spending and so didn't pursue their interest and Sanchez's wife was apparently only interested in living in London, if they moved to England. I suspect he's had enough of being Arsenal's token big signing to keep the fans happy (along with Ozil) and so the reports that they both want Arsenal to spend big to compete (which won't happen in view of Kroenke's interview in the USA where he said Arsenal had no intention of competing with City or Chelsea in the transfer market) may mean he does want out and does want to come to City. What his wife thinks is unknown and if City are still interested is unknown, but it seems further proof of Pep's ability to attract top class players.
  7. J_Bow


    13 Apr 2014
    Dream replacement for Navas on the right wing, think he's best on the right compared to the left where he's more predictable.
  8. avoidconfusion


    22 Sep 2008
    This. FFP has been wheeled out so many times as an excuse as to why some of our recent acquisitions have been shit but it is honestly such a rubbish excuse. Just look at how much money we wasted on average, borderline shit players that are nowhere near the level they need to be for us and for the money that was pissed in the wind to get them.

    Fernando and Mangala are probably the most recent ones but the list goes on and on. Kevin de Bruyne is honestly the first great player worth the fee that we got since Aguero, don't even get me started on shithouse donkeys like Bony. I really hope Pep takes more of a lead when he comes in terms of which players we will get because he can't do any worse than the guys in charge currently.
  9. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    sounds like you should be our manager then.
  10. hartshairgel


    21 Jul 2015
    I'd prefer Griezmann if he was available as younger and can play wide or down the middle
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