"Alty fan" Taylor to referee Huddersfield

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by mat, 13 Feb 2017.

  1. Exeter Blue I am here

    Exeter Blue I am here

    30 Jan 2011
    Take a wild guess.......
    His appointment was deliberate. We will get nothing on Saturday. City fans need to start making the bastard feel uncomfortable on and off the pitch
  2. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
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    The thing is the footage shown on motd and lack of media comments about his performance means the 'public' have no idea how bent he is.

    I'd hope the 4K of us there will make enough noise to show hi up but then again it's a stream and they can turn the mic's down. Maybe the players need to get in his face constantly and make it uncomfortable for him but I suppose that'll means yellow after yellow followed by red after red.
  3. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    It's up to every Blue at the game to give the Rag cheat abuse he'll never forget.
  4. bluetonium


    24 Sep 2008
    Secret HQ of the Anti-Banoffee League
    Anthony Taylor is from Manchester, but is regularly given matches involving both Manchester sides. Is this a problem, can we really have grievances and even suspect him of negative actions against City for unproven claims that he has sympathies with our main rivals? Well, going by the FA's own position on such situations, hell yes.

    Speaking to someone who used to referee in similar circles to him many moons ago, I am assured that whilst he himself may or may not be a United fan, many of his relatives and multiple generations of his family are. This undoubtedly has an influence privately on him, whether he lets it show and manifest itself in his profession is the bit that has to be proven. I can appreciate from the FA's point of view it all gets rather sticky here - United are a vastly supported club so to have a referee with no connections at all to Untied, or to any PL club, is nigh on impossible. But the FA also have a duty to protect their referee's from sticky situations, and putting him in the firing line repeatedly is a confusing message.

    Take Kevin Friend, he was removed from a Spurs match later on in the season as he is a Leicester resident and they were the main contenders for the title last season. No match is ever worth more than three points, so removing a ref from a game in the final part of the season as with Friend should not be a factor, it should apply for any game.

    It is likely more difficult with Manchester as you have potentially more teams involved, with Manchester having two PL clubs, and so the scope in terms of team directly affected is greater (City, United and our two direct opponents that week, plus those teams around us both) . But not impossible to navigate, if the FA wanted to.

    I genuinely don't however think this would be an for us issue despite all of the above if there was not history of Taylor having very questionable behaviors in games where he has reffed us. And by that I mean, every ref comes under fire, every ref gets things wrong, and every ref is to a degree unpopular with each set of fans in each game, and fans remember. But in Taylor's case there are multiple incidents in multiple games which bring either his ability, or his bias, into sufficient question as to make putting him in such a position a very odd decision from the FA. It doesn't protect him from abuse or criticism pre or post game, and it doesn't follow the previous behavior and guidelines shown by the FA.

    And finally, for a FA Cup game, essentially a knock out, a grand final in its own right, once the precedent was set with Friend then Taylor should never be near an FA Cup tie directly involving a Manchester club.
  5. Colin Bells Boots

    Colin Bells Boots

    31 May 2016
    After his performance ( on behalf of Chelsea ) against us, I would suggest that this cheating cnut is never allowed near a football pitch again , ignoring whether it is near Manchester or not.

    An utter twat imo.
  6. bobbyowenquiff


    15 Jan 2007
    Just reading Johan Cruyff's book. He makes it clear that when Barca started to challenge Real Madrid in his playing career the whole establishment and certain referees did everything they did to stop Real being knocked off their perch. Anyone who doesn't think parts of our game are corrupt are very naive. It is not a conspiracy as such it it just that people are put under so much pressure to support the status quo and some of them are weak.
  7. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    will ian cheeseman be back on the radio on bbc manchester this weekend if that c*nt taylor is the ref then we need somebody to speak the truth about the game

    it would never happen over the road with the scum he would be not even on the list of ref for the season and would be doing non league
    was the worst game that everybody in sky blue will ever see by a ref. it was not just about stopping city from winning but giving chelsea the points when they was 2nd best all day the cheat was under orders from HQ so was only doing is job to a tee but when doing it with a smile makes its criminal
  8. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    The most corrupt game I've ever seen that Chelsea game & make no mistake about it the FA have appointed him on purpose, I fear this **** will make sure we don't get the vital decisions, an already tough game just got tougher. We'll have to knock em out to get a draw
  9. gordondaviesmoustache


    19 Oct 2010
    Any borough in England and Wales
    I'm not going to suggest he's as straight as a die, the same goes for the FA, but I fail to believe the latter would choose this game to stick the boot in, unless a few positive decisions towards us on Saturday are used as a Trojan horse to appoint him to a more pivotal fixture in the spring.
  10. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry

    8 Oct 2008
    More 'Roche Five' than pain.
    The thought crossed my mind too mate, throw us off balance until it really matters.

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