Angus Gunn

Discussion in 'EDS and Academy Forum' started by FantasyIreland, 9 Sep 2014.

  1. mrtwiceaseason


    9 Oct 2011
    What ever we think of gunn 3 games is not going to help anyone's development.
    I'm old school and I think it was far better in the past when we had a reserve team where youngsters went when they were ready and injured players got fit and out of form players got there form back.
    A kid would play all sorts of opposition in the reserves and the jump to the first team would have been easier.
    Why carnt they just have a 20 team reserve league that mirrors the premier league there is enough money in football to make it possible ?
  2. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Why so few?
  3. K-Bo


    7 Sep 2012
    I think Gunn could have played a couple of the cup games at least this season. If he had impressed, he would have been in good stead to take over willy's role as no 2 next season (assuming Bravo will be sold and replaced by another no 1) It does seem like no matter what manager we have at city, the coach is reluctant to give the kids game time. IMO we have too many senior players in our squad and it means that when rotation happens, the 2nd 11 is the reserve eleven and there's never any room for the kids. IMO there should be 16/17 senior players and the other 5 squad roles filled by various youngsters. Pep has traditionally used this model at other clubs, and there are a lot of expiring contracts in summer as well as players heavily out of favour and likely to be sold, so the squad might have more room for players like gunn going forward. Its frustrating to see so many of these kids never get a competitive minute though.

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