Anyone have family or relatives who served in WW2?

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    It wasn't resentment as so many had gone through horrendous experiences wherever they were in the world. It's just that they've never had any recognition and the fact they were still fighting on after the Germans had surrendered
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    My nan served in the WAC. At the time she was seeing a paratrooper who went to lose his life in Arnhem. She met my grandad who worked in the pit after the war.

    My grandads brother was killed when HMS Hood was sunk.
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    Did a safe and well visit to a guy yesterday and we had been there last year as well, however he’s 93 and served in the Navy 43 years at sea as a submariner, swore like a trooper has all his faculties, he just wanted someone to talk too bless him, sat alone in his flat, we stayed as we did last year while he showed us his medals and recounted his tales of the war, a truly remarkable person, if we could have stayed the rest of the day I would. The stuff he went through and the funny stories he has are amazing, a couple of years ago he received his last medal from Putin for his part in defending Vladivostok he fought along with the Russians for 9 months against the Germans.
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    My dad who died 3 yrs ago also landed on Juno he was a Royal Marine,who knows maybe on the same landing craft as your dad.
    I went back to Normandy with him for the 65th anniversary were I will never forget the wonderful comradeship amongst the veterans there and standing on Juno beach with him after 65 yrs was very emotional....a little while after DDay he was shipped off to Burma...he never spoke of the war when we were kids until the mid 70s when he had a nervous breakdown and after speaking with the therapist and telling of the terrible things he had seen and bottled up he was fine.

    His brother was shot down and killed in a Wellington coming back from a raid aged 23 .I visited his and his crews grave in Holland last year...again very emotional.

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