Arsenal (h) pre-match thread

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City v Arsenal prediction

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  1. Ric


    22 May 2004
    All in here please. Silva and Walker for Gundogan and Danilo the only changes for me.
  2. Jesus Cheekbone

    Jesus Cheekbone

    22 Oct 2017
    Theie fans are shitting it on social media.
  3. colorado blue

    colorado blue

    20 Jun 2009
    Is this are biggest test yet?

    Liverpool - early in season and wouldn't have been a big shock if we didn't win
    Chelsea - even with how we started most fans would have taken a point

    Arsenal - mixed start to season and we we will be strong favorites. Pressure is on to continue as we've started but Arsenal are so unpredictable and could surprise us.

    We will need KDB to be back to his best and Sane/Sterling to run riot. Hopefully Sergio we break the record too.
  4. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Before the Napoli game I thought this might be a game where we slip up, particularly thinking about how we were just a bit off in the previous 2 games.

    After tonight though, I think everyone will be absolutely buzzing, and that'll take us through.

    Arsenal aren't really doing badly or well, they're just taking care of some bad teams. We should be beating them really.

    Our rotation players - Danilo, Gundogan and Bernardo - are showing signs of hitting their form too, at which point predicting line-ups will get harder but we'll get even better.
  5. Rammy Blue

    Rammy Blue

    23 May 2008
    I think the plan was to start Jesus tonight and Sergio on Sunday, however the reported stomach bug for Jesus put paid to that, hence I think it'll revert now to Jesus starting on Sunday and the other rested 2 to come in as you've said.
  6. Ric


    22 May 2004
    Tonight was our biggest test so far imo, although Arsenal certainly won’t be easy.
  7. Chi-town blues

    Chi-town blues

    5 May 2012
    This is our biggest test ! Bigly

  8. Pingu the Penguin

    Pingu the Penguin

    29 Sep 2009
    Hard one to call in terms of which Arsenal will turn up.

    I'd be shitting it if I was them though.

    Need to work out a way of keeping KDB and Ferna fresh (everyone else is getting rested bar them)

    But how can you leave either out at present?
  9. Bozo


    20 Jul 2007
    Head Lecturer at the Clown College of Manchester
    4-0 City
  10. Andouble


    26 Mar 2007
    I could see a let-down game similar to Chelsea against us after they had used all they had to beat Atleti midweek. Hopefully we recover well. Sanchez bound to score against us. 2-1 to us
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