Arsenal home November sold out

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by xgorton, 7 Aug 2017.

  1. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    Speaking of Arsenal...exciting game and nice come back! Season has started out very tasty!
  2. Shaelumstash


    30 Apr 2009
    To be honest mate, I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford a season ticket in a decent seat. I think we all agree that the club cannot be run as a charity, it is a money making enterprise, no problem with that. It's just how far they go with it that we probably differ on.

    The club could charge an average of £100 a ticket and get 30,000 there, bringing in £3m in revenue per game. Or they could charge an average of £30 a ticket and have 55,000 there, bringing in £1,650,000 per game.

    The first option would obviously bring in more revenue. As a fan of the club, I would prefer the latter, more fans engaged with the club and a better atmosphere.

    It's obviously an extreme example, but I think the club are veering towards the former. They're trying to monetise too quickly and they're not engaging enough with our traditional core fan base. We all want the short term success, of course we do, but we all want the club to still be going in 100 years time too. If you price out too many fans now, we could lose another generation.

    And as a wider point, it's not really your stance on the club's ticket policy that I disagree with in particular. It's your suggestion that people's earnings are simply a reflection of how hard they work. I think it's a very simplistic and closeted view of the world. You've suggested you have come from a difficult background and made a success of yourself financially. That's credit to you. But everyone had a different path, different circumstances. It's lazy and arrogant to suggest anyone who hasn't made money has simply not worked hard enough. Plenty of the hardest workers earn minimum wage and they've all got a different stories.
  3. xgorton


    23 Jun 2011
    Rutland Water.
    Plus if you're an old facker like me £35 Everton and only 25 Palace,all on open sale and like you say no Cityzen membership needed.
  4. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    I agree. I can't possibly know everyone's individual circumstances, nor can the club, so the only thing you can do is make the tickets a decent price and hope that fans can afford it and fill the stadium.

    However, in my defence, I'm not a special person and I honestly believe that if people really want to change their circumstances, there are enough opportunities that, when combined with their own personal sacrifices, they can make positive changes. Not everyone can be a millionaire, but then no one is destined to forever be a minimum wage worker, either.

    We are not going to solve all of societies ills on Bluemoon, and to even equate having the money for entertainment (watching City) with thr comsoderably greater societal problems faced everywhere seems a little silly. Watching City in person is a luxury. Always was. Even back in the day, people weren't sufficiently well financed to be able to afford going to games. The difference is that they didn't have computers and the internet to detail their lack of finances and the "need" for a multibillion dollar business to provide them with the opportunity.

    I don't know if things will ever change, but in the wider review of societies ills, it seems a frivolous one. Maybe it doesn't seem so to the person who wants to see a game and can't afford £8/wk, but on their own list of priorities, surely a City game has to be far down the list, too?

    I have discussed this issue in here before, and gave options I thought were reasonable and pertinent. I'll leave it there. Take care.

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