Asked to buy tickets for Napoli fans in City end.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by FrankSwift1, 2 Oct 2017.

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    14 Jun 2011
    It happened to me a few seasons back when there was some Liverpool fans in the Colin Bell stand on the front row. After the Liverpool scored they jumped up to celebrate, and were told to stay seated or risked being thrown out of the ground, should they do that again. They learnt their lesson and kept quite, when we went on to be leading they quietly left the ground with 10mins to go. So FrankSwift1 it is not worth it, why risk losing your season ticket, even if only for a few games. see if you can give it to some City fans who might not be able to get tickets for this game.
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    6 Oct 2017
    Hi guys. I`m a citizens fan, I just arrived in the UK and joined as an annual member but unfortunately it seems I can not buy any tickets for the match against Napoli.
    I can only buy tickets if I`ve attended a match last season...
    Would anyone be able to help me out with 2 tickets please?
    Thank you
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    1 Aug 2009
    I do not believe you. What is the weather like in Naples?
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    17 Jan 2012
    How you say "pull the other one" in Italian ?
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    Blue Llama

    26 May 2009
    Pulla da ooda oneii
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    19 Oct 2004
    sheffield 73:47
    Napoli have sold tickets to uk based fans previously, but not sure if they are doing this this time.
  7. bainy


    19 Oct 2004
    sheffield 73:47
    Taken from Napoli site - looks like they have to jump through hoops to get tickets for ethiad. would expect a fair few in our end

    Notizie | 05/10/2017
    The purchase mode for the vouchers of the third round of Champions League in England

    For the match Manchester City FC vs SSC Napoli, valid for the Champions League Group Stage, scheduled the 17th of October 2017 in England at 7.45 PM (local time), in accordance with the provisions of Police Headquarters of Naples, SSC Napoli report that till the 6 PM of Tuesday the 10th of October 2017 and, in any case, until exhaustion of the seats, a voucher will be available by downloading the relevant document from the website in collaboration with Listicket Group Ticketone.

    The online purchase procedure will generate a printable document that will then have to be submitted to the box office n.3 (surname initials from A to L) and n. 5 (surname initials from M to Z) of San Paolo stadium in the days 12 and 13 of October 2017, from 10 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 5 PM, to be replaced with a valid license for access to the Guests sector of Etihad Stadium, provided by Manchester City, upon the simultaneous compilation and subscription of an information form and submission of a valid ID document (passport or identity card valid for expatriation, the licence to drive is not considered valid)and the delivery of a photocopy of the same, it will be possible to withdraw the coupon even after the presentation of the purchaser's mandate, who will have to attach a copy of the delegator's and the delegate's recognition document.

    The ticket price, that is up to Manchester City and that is fixed by them at their own unquestionable discretion, is of € 40,00 for the the 1° and the 3° level and of € 43,00 for the 2° level plus the commission fee due to Listicket for the online transaction.
    According to Manchester City request will be firstly put on sale the vouchers of the 1° level, afterwards those of the 2° level and then those of the 3° level, these latter will be put on sale from 10 AM on Sunday October 8, 2017.

    SSC Napoli also achieved the opportunity, in agreement with the Naples Police Headquarters, to implement a further mode of distribution of the coupons, through the contribute of a primary tour operator, who will make available to the fans of SSC Napoli that wish to attend the game, the chance to purchase a travel package, including ticket on charter flight, bus transfers from the airport to the stadium and vice versa, and the ticket to attend the match.
    In accordance with SSCN the Tour Operator will do his best efforts to put the travel package at a "controlled" price to let available an opportunity to facilitate the transfer logistics for the supporters that want to follow the team.
    The tour operator, Reteuropa Viaggi e Turismo srl – Cis Nola, proposes the travel package,through the following operators:

    Reteuropa Viaggi e Turismo Nola (Na)
    Ammirati Viaggi – San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Na)
    Bolina Viaggi – Ottaviano (Na)
    Sunset Travel – Volla (Na)
    Furore Viaggi – Pianura (Na)
    Mister White Travel - Napoli
    Preparate le Valigie – Caserta
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    19 Oct 2004
    sheffield 73:47
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    7 Nov 2005
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