Attack by Napoli fans.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by paulchapo, 28 Oct 2017.

  1. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
  2. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    Just after the attack some one who was caught up in it mentioned it on here .wonder if the other wankers involved got arrested
  3. manchester blue

    manchester blue

    7 May 2008
    What a shit defence. “He got caught up in something he should have walked away from”. The police spotted them a mile away going to carry out a pre meditated attack. Bet his well to do family are proud he’s in a British prison.

    Hope the lad is okay and well done GMP.
  4. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    Recently became a man of leisure.
    315 gold not platinum
    Should have put the fuckers inside D's with no weapons for 20 minutes before arresting them.
  5. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Yes tosser, all the usual bullshit trotted out by the defence, " He is from a good family" etcetera, hold the violins! Bunch of cowards, tooled up attacking innocent fan's, they rarely go looking for anyone who is happy to fight.
  6. didsburyblu


    27 Nov 2005
    Castlefield, Manchester
    Maybe the swinging belts parts explains why we can't wear them over there
  7. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    Let’s see if he is as brave in strangeways.
  8. BlueMoonz1977


    23 Jan 2012
    See the defence played the 'my dad's a lawyer, I am invovled in youth football' card - He may well be this Italian chapp, and I wouldnt be surprised if that is the line he tows back in Italy to get away with being an Ultra

    No such luck here mate - of to Strangeways you go : )
  9. TCIB


    30 May 2011
    Currently, netdev
    Balls deep in the matrix
    He will get a slap inside for that likely. Think of the 4 months as teh judge making sure he gets it back a bit hehe.

    I can barely decide if i should go to waitrose of morrisons whilst sitting in one of my millions of 2 for 20 quid city tops. Putting jeans on seems a bit of a stretch atm so i'll stay sat here for a while longer actually doing things :-D

    What i mean to say is, could you even be arsed. I like peace and tranquility... so i am thinking of getting a season ticket at old trafford...

  10. Kompany Car

    Kompany Car

    19 Sep 2015
    Mongolian Throat Singer
    Absolute scum, but he has the right name, he is a Prat...o. I did think that there might have been more trouble as Napoli fans don't have the best reputation, but until this came to light I thought it had gone ok with no issue. It's pretty sad that Italy still haven't sorted out their thug culture in football and I really worry for the World Cup in Russia where they seem to have trained militias.
    Just hope with the away leg there isn't any repeat of people being attacked with knives like there was when we played them last time. Be careful you travelling blues.

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