Away games in home end

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  1. JCB001


    3 Jun 2009
    Home end ,Away games ? It was the norm for our lot back in late 60s/early 70s ....crazy times..with Lee Thompson
  2. Crumpsall abroad

    Crumpsall abroad

    18 Nov 2010
    Great stories that bring back old-school a lot of us, there's too many to remember. My baptism of fire was in '76 , when as a young kid I ended up in the wrong end at Wembley watching Dennis Tueart's act of God. My first feeling of being in a ground that was about to collapse through the sheer number of people.

    The ones that stand out are United on too many occasions , Blackburn on 'That Day' , and jibbing in the director's box at the end of the game......... Millwall when we were banned at the New Den and you had to have a piss at half time in a South London accent..... and Luton , when we had to register as home fans in a portakabin to get in. The rest are the usual , " I'll get in if it kills me"....but the most bizarre was Chesterfield when a few of us got in the 'main stand' and got in the club's post match lounge where there was a 'bar' , darts and crib etc , only to see City's 'heroes' of the day bowl in in full Kappa kit, (minus boots) and waltz off with 3 trays of beer. Happy days and more power to getting tickets in more ends for away games...........
  3. CrownPointBlue


    5 Feb 2014
    Limp along Lee from Haughton Green was with us on the Boothen End in 67.

    Are you a Dentonian. We are the HULME's from Crown Point. Do I know you ?
  4. its a Barm

    its a Barm

    29 Nov 2012
    part time rag slayer
    In no particular order
    West Brom
    Real Madrid
    Must be a few more but can't think of them at the moment.
  5. BillCarlisle Ex-Manchester

    BillCarlisle Ex-Manchester

    23 Sep 2010
    Exiled in Cumbria
    In the '70s & early '80s it was usually possible to buy seats in the home supporters main stand direct from the club in question. We simply phoned the club and booked our tickets on the basis of pay on collection. I've lost count of the places we went to but there were were a few of us who travelled together so we did that as it avoided being treated like cattle. We had some great days out and the bonus was that we usually got a flyer after the match on the road back to Manchester. We also had some great craic with the home fans around us win, draw (or as mostly the case) lose. How times have changed.
  6. bridgeblue


    3 Jun 2009
    Luton. the first year of the ban, we got in because my mate knows Danny Wilson who managed Luton at the time. After that we always managed to get tickets from the Leicester and Rugby branch.
    United/ Everton/Liverpool/Bolton/Blackburn.
    Managed to get a few City fans into the Wigan play off game at Springfield park. Living in Wigan I knew the area at the back of the away stand was only boarded up with rotted old doors. you couldn't get access to it from the away turnstiles and had to go part way round the ground to get to the hill. I pointed this out to blues without tickets outside, sure enough, just before kick off, a fair number got in after they kicked one of the doors in and legged it down the grass bank to join the City on the terrace.
  7. JCB001


    3 Jun 2009
    Ah The Boothen End 1st place I got a kicking :) Not a Dentonian but lived there for a long time now in Audenshaw
    Jim Brown
  8. peoffrey


    15 Oct 2010
    RIP Billy Big Spuds
    I did West Ham in the home end once courtesy of an east London postcode. We lost 1-0 and I ignored the man next to me after he tried to start conversation. I politely clapped their goal (a few GSE wannabes around) and left before final whistle. Never again.
  9. Didsbury Dave

    Didsbury Dave

    1 Feb 2007
    Only just seen this.

    I watched the Wigan game on a big screen at Maine Road. The camera was on that fence as it caved in and a load of Blues legged it through. 10,000 of us at Maine Road let out a massive cheer.
  10. Didsbury Dave

    Didsbury Dave

    1 Feb 2007
    Wow. Amazing you tell that tale about Franny and Bobby Moore. My Dad always tells a tale about when he played in a testimonial with Franny Lee. He said that Lee was the most arrogant, cocky bloke he had ever met and was saying in the changing rooms that when City played West Ham the following week he wasn't scared of Bobby Moore and that he had no pace, and that he would murder him. My Dad always end the tale by saying "I couldn't believe how full of himself he was. But then City went to Upton Park and he actually did - he made Moore look stupid".

    My Dad detested Franny Lee from then on and always said, even when we were hailing him as the new Messiah, that Lee would fail.

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