Away games in home end

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  1. stonerblue


    23 May 2004
    Still alive here....
    Fucking Wigan end at bastard wembley.
  2. The Stoke and Blackburn relegation games stick out. Like several others I nearly got filled in at the first but the second was like a home match. The Kop at Sheffield United was sound and literally sat down at Goodison before the cops arrived and took us into the away end. Liverpool was OK as well.

    I've had the chance to go into the United end, but how anyone could enjoy that is beyond me.
  3. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    Recently became a man of leisure.
    315 gold not platinum
    Oldham twice 3-0 in the Chaddy end & the 1-1 Kinky game in the main stand , oh and the last friendly there a few years ago as well. The swamp in the paddock in 76 and Newcastle for Yaya's brace before QPR.

    Apart from the swamp all enjoyable but never relaxing, it just doesn't (no pun) sit right.
  4. doots


    7 Oct 2008
    Under the influence.Aguero 94
    Swamp, Blackburn, Tranmere,Preston,Barca, Villareal, Seville to name a few, no mither apart from getting spat on in Seville.
  5. The swamp in 2003 when the goat scored. Had to hold onto my seat to stop myself jumping up. Thought we had the winner when Anelka slipped a pass through for The Goat, 3 points at Old Trafford were like rocking horse shit in those days so jumped up. It was ruled out for handball, the Chinese tourists round me didn’t bat an eye lid when I thought we’d scored a winner. Sat down accepted the point and enjoyed the blues in the away end giving a good rendition of ‘fuck off back to london’ at Full time.
  6. Would have loved to have been in the stretford end during the 6-1 or the 3-0 in 2014 watching them horrible rags squirm as we put them to the sword.
  7. bluemoonmatt


    20 Jun 2007
    Pharmacist ;-)
    Gods Country
    Bit different but I’ve always been a blue but growing up for much of my life in Bradford, often went to see (Bradford) city, but quite often had my (Manchester) City colours on. To be fair never really got any hassle only time was when we played em in the cup, strange to mention on this thread cos I was actually in our end that day but when I got back to the town centre and went for a pint, shall I say I chose the wrong boozer. Full of ‘ointment’ never ran so fast and never will again.
  8. Eli Panic

    Eli Panic

    10 Jan 2009
    Programmer Analyst
    Around 1975 in the Stratford End at OT. They were 2-0 up and either Dave Bennett or Roger Palmer pulled one back. I couldn’t contain myself and I started jumping up and down and cheering. Then either Dave Bennett or Roger Palmer equalised, and I was off again. A guy in front of me gave me a stern look. It turned out he was a blue too. I was only about 15, and surrounded by my brother and a few of his mates, all United fans. Nobody laid a finger on me. It finished 2-2. Happy days.
  9. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    shark fisherman
    I was in the Villa home end for the game when we put 5 past them in 1991, keeping quiet through 5 goals took some doing
  10. 117 M34

    117 M34

    30 May 2010
    I'd get my head kicked in. No way could I remember not to celebrate when we scored

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