Aymeric Laporte

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by Kladze, 17 Apr 2015.

  1. Kladze


    19 Jan 2009
  2. greasedupdeafguy


    14 Apr 2009
    Why would we want a centre back when Denayer and Rekik are coming back from loans
  3. bluetonium


    24 Sep 2008
    Secret HQ of the Anti-Banoffee League
    Thanks for the link, but personally I've never heard of him. If we spend another big amount on a CB this summer I think I'll hurl. Unless we plan on using Mangala as a makeweight then I can't see it, MDM has just signed a one year extension, Denayer looks to be headed back, we have 4 players for 2 positions.
  4. bluechampion7891


    27 Apr 2014
    Indeed. It will send a wrong message to denayer. Also hg issues. Also, why would we pay 35m if his buyout is 30m€?

    Cant see Bilbao doing business below the buyout clause

    Also, isn't ge left footed? Where does that leave Mangala?
  5. pudge


    14 Jul 2008
    The poster formerly known as pudge
    In before "he's the greatest thing since sliced bread"
  6. Bruun


    1 Jul 2013
    Why pay 35m for Laporte when Varanes reported release clause is lower?
  7. BlueDeadHead


    26 Jul 2014
    Is Denayer looking likely next season? I assume he is going on loan to a real league. I would certainly take Laporte over Boyata as our fourth choice.

    The issue for me (as others have mentioned) is that this is another young left footer. Rekik, Mangala, Laporte (Nastastic just left). If this has legs I would love to know what the fuck they are thinking with regard to our LCB situation...seems like we change our minds every season.
  8. bluetonium


    24 Sep 2008
    Secret HQ of the Anti-Banoffee League
    So the media say. If he came back here only for us to ship him out somewhere else I imagine he'd be a little upset. At Celtic he has European football and a winning mentality, even if he went to Spain next season it may not be doing much more for him, though I agree Scottish football is generally p*ss poor, but he still needs to turn up and perform, not as if pushing half as hard will be acceptable for him, with either his Celtic teammates or us watching. Plus, we need the home grown factor and Belgium plainly think he's good enough to warrant lining up alongside Kompany and co.

    Which leaves us really only with the possibility that we're recognizing a cock up with Mangala and replacing him with someone we think is better and taking a financial hit to do so, which may not be entirely fair on the lad to be honest, and has to beg the question of what the hell is going on in our scouting and management team if we sign a young lad for millions one season and then give up on him less than a year later?

    That, or it is a totally fabricated story, and Occam's razor tell us how to deal with this one ;)
  9. LoveCity


    21 Jan 2010
    He is excellent, in hindsight the defender we probably should have signed last summer. Not much between he and Varane this season in La Liga.

    If City do sign him then they are probably planning ahead, something they have been criticised of neglecting. Demichelis will probably play half as much next season and Kompany... well, we'll have to see with him.

    Perhaps this deal is dependent on Denayer's pre-season (and whether he goes back on loan) but it's possible both of them could be in the squad together from the 2016/17 season.

    If Laporte doesn't move this summer, he will be a Barcelona player next summer without doubt.
  10. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Well! I can't say I don't think CB is a position of need. So at least the front office is seeing clearly and without emotion.

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