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  1. So far ( Will update as we go )
    I researched and used most common transfer fee reported ....


    Bernardo 43m
    Ederson 35m
    Luiz 10.5m ( Potentially 12m )
    Walker 45m ( Potentially 50m )
    Danilo 26.5m
    Mendy 49.4m ( Potentially 52m )
    Terzic Brothers 4.35m
    Kayode 3.5m
    Amino Mohammed 2m


    Mooy 8m ( Potentially 10m )
    Unal 12.2m ( Potentially 14m )
    Sobrino 1.7m
    Campbell 750k ( Potentially 1.75m )
    Nitcham 4.5m ( Potentially 7m )
    Nolito 8m
    Kolarov 5.25m
    Nacho 25m
    Fernando 4.75m ( Potentially 5.25m )
    Nasri Free ( Potentially 3.25m )
    Sancho 10m ( Undisclosed sell on )
    Bony 12m

    Balance 117.9m Spent
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  2. Hoghead


    25 Oct 2013
    Need to add wages especially those that left on each free.
  3. Impossible as nobody really knows what they were earning .......
  4. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Unal should be 12.25m (€14m) and Mooy is 8m rising to 10.
  5. johnmc


    20 Jun 2007
    Manchester. Always will be.
    To be fair those fees are just the accepted figures. The club noted them as undisclosed.
  6. Hoghead


    25 Oct 2013
    Unless it's someone like Nasri assume on average it is £5m pa.
    So savings are about £30m pa and the newcomers on £7.5m pa a net of £15m saving pa
  7. OK I will update.....I will use the initial figure before add ons
  8. Blue Coop

    Blue Coop

    3 Jun 2009
    So just an incoming/outgoing summary? The balance sheet impact will be different.
  9. I'm Blue

    I'm Blue

    24 Aug 2009
    You know not much is happening with transfers when we have an accountancy thread : )
  10. I am getting help with the math ....


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