Benjamin Mendy - 2017/2018 Performances

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  1. pavelsrnicek


    4 Jun 2009
    While he had a dud cross or two and there appears to be some issues protecting Otamendi on the left of a 3, his crossing in general was superb and consistently stretched the Liverpool back 4 plus he made some very clever runs.

    I really like the look of him so far.
  2. Dipsis_LTU_MC


    14 Jun 2013
    Offensively he's a tank but defensively he still worries me. He gets caught out of his position way too much and sometimes looks like a headless chicken. Below is only one example of his lack of positional sense. He was supposed to cover Otamendi but almost all the time Salah received the ball Otamendi was left 1on1 with Salah and got absolutely destroyed by him. Only thanks to Salah's shit finishing we didn't go 2-0 down after 20mins. Imagine if it was Arjen Robben on his left foot........

  3. domalino


    27 Mar 2011

    Says who?

    Pep was standing 10 feet from him and didn't once correct his positioning or bollock him for being out of position. He didn't take any steps to make Mendy more defensive. Walker wasn't doubling up on Mané with Danilo, so who says he was supposed to cover Otamendi?

    When has Pep ever had 5 players defending against 2 wingers?

    It's a 352. Not a 532.

    Mendy has made a mistake in that picture, but it's not failing to drop deep to protect Otamendi more, it's being too far back and giving Alexander-Arnold time and space to play the pass, when he should have been closing him down and in his face like he was most of the rest of the game.
  4. Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    6 May 2009
    Off to see the wizard....
    over the rainbow
    On that reckoning we were playing a back 6..

    This was an experiment by pep and supposed to pin salah back with where he positioned Mendy. Pep got this wrong, not Mendy, who was under clear instruction to play that role!
  5. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Don't think it was to push back Salah - it was to push Wijnaldum and Arnold back who are normally ridiculously high up, and gave us better numbers in midfield and left Firmino to Fernandinho and our back 3 vs their 2 wingers.

    Mané and Sarah would get behind but in theory the combination of very aggressively sweeping Ederson and a man advantage would be enough no matter how fast - especially if the midfield and forwards pressed well enough to not give players loads of time and space to pick a precise ball over the top.

    I still think it worked for the most part - most of those balls down the side that were scaring everyone pushed Salah very, very wide because they were just knocking a ball into that channel, not really picking out a killer pass, and so we always got men back before Firmino and Mané could arrive, which is why they only got 2 shots off from those balls behind us, one of which being the Ederson save.

    And those 2 were where we cocked up and gave possession away and they hit us quickly where there was real chance they could score.

    IMO this is why Pep didn't change it all through the half, why he didn't pull Mendy back when it was apparent the pattern had emerged - if he was trying to push Salah back like you said, or he wanted him protecting Otamendi by doubling up on Salah like others have said, I think he'd have adjusted once it became apparent what the pattern of the game was.
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  6. fatbloke


    24 May 2004
    That just saved me a bit of time, great explanation and exactly how I saw it too.
  7. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Which paper said we had majorly overspend on this player. Laughable.
    Needs some work on his defensive positioning but this boy is going to be an absolute gem.
  8. pee dubya

    pee dubya

    21 Sep 2005
    We also cocked up our offside trap/defensive line a couple of times at least (like in that picture), can't remember which specific chances it led too, but if we'd got that right Liverpool's threat would have been minimal, despite Mendy being high up the pitch.
  9. MarsLlama


    23 May 2016
    We don't know what his instructions from Pep were so it's no good saying he was poor defensively- very often WBs are asked to push forward and only defend on occasion.
  10. Manchester_lalala


    9 Jul 2008
    Looks like he's not enjoying the Manchester weather, hat and gloves in September!

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