Bersant Celina

Discussion in 'EDS and Academy Forum' started by FantasyIreland, 4 Mar 2014.

  1. WallyA


    21 Dec 2016
    I see no problem with his comment as he is simply showing ambition. It was a loan, it was never permanent, it's sole purpose was to for him to improve his level and if he believes he is ready for a higher level loan than that's good on him.

    Personally, I think his mentality is elite, he even mentioned that if he was sold in the future that he would fight for city to buy him back (indicating he would fight to improve to a level that City would want him). That's a mentality that alot of players need to have on loan, and I personally would love if he nails this loan move and comes back as a squad player, however unlikely that may be.
  2. Ruzzles


    29 May 2017
    It's a fine comment if you are playing good. He was playing shit and was even benched in the period he said it, then it's a shit comment why talk about a step up when you aren't even consistently good enough at the level you're at.

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