Bobby is playing a blinder

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  1. Was at a poker event yesterday and following the United game I got talking to this guy who is a well-respected psychologist.

    He knows very little about football but went into a terrific rant about the myth of Ferguson and his mind-games and declared that it was all largely a media creation.

    He then asked 'What has been your manager's strategy in dealing with it?'

    So I told him and his response was an admiring nod as he digested the informaion followed by 'He sounds like an extremely clever man. That's exactly the stance he should be taking.'

    I personally think Bobby has played a blinder with the media of late.
  2. Blue Haze

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    The media thinks he's psyching out slurgie but he's really just trying to relax our players.

    Been funny as fuck watching rags fret over each of his interviews, arguing whether he's cast a spell over them.
  3. Couldn't agree more. The "they're the best/we've got no chance" approach must be extremely annoying for the media. He also had a pop at the refs this week, which was most welcome.
  4. To be honest, I think it's a touch revisionist to say Bobby's played a blinder because the run up to Arsenal he was saying the same things and we were very poor.

    His press conference on Friday will be interesting and no doubt standing room only.

    I'm happy he's had a pop at the refs though as I think that was well needed.
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    i would think that a multi million pound business with billioniare owners would employ a psycologist to do bobby,s thinking for him .
    but of course bobby should get the credit
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  8. He's only repeating what the press say anyway. 'Utd are the best, they will win,they have the experience' etc etc

    Rags capitulation yesterday was nothing to do with any mind games, but was everything to do with their defence not being very good. Of course they have goals in them and cannot be underestimated, but if they defend against us the way they did yesterday we will destroy them again.
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    It's very clever, it only leaves room for the media to slate him for not having confidence in the team, which it seems they're doing. However by saying he should be more confident in the team, they are inadvertently bigging us up!

    He's totally taken the sting out of their stories, left them nothing.
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    21 Feb 2011
    He showed against Sunderland when the 70 min(1:3) sitting quietly on the bench.fight for the title to the last second.

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