Brahim Diaz

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    25 May 2010
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    I agree,think he'd look and play a lot better with class players round him.
    Don't mean that in a disrespectful way to who he's playing with now,just think he deserves,or has earned the opportunity to show if he can do it.
  2. The-Dogs-Pollocks


    12 May 2013

    Have to agree. Great close control and dribbling but poor decision making means he dwells on the ball too much and tonight he got caught on the ball a lot. Great potential but he's nowhere near ready for the first team. Id like to see how he gets on at championship level, needs toughening up a bit.
  3. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017
    The Championship would absolutely ruin him and his confidence would get shot to bits.

    The Championship really isn't a great league for young player development, and even the ones that are young and are playing they are physically developed lads. Look at Tammy Abraham and Ryan Sessegnon, both well developed lads for their age.

    With the ties with him, his agent and Girona, I would send him there and let him play in La Liga next season.
  4. robert o'mancini

    robert o'mancini

    11 Apr 2017
    He tried to do too much tonight. When he gets it right he looks sensational but he needs to learn when to run with it and when to pass it.

    He'll develop a hell of a lot when he gets to train regularly with Silva and Yaya
  5. AshLunn92


    3 Dec 2014
    But I think it would be fair to say tonight wasn't a reflection of the season he's had? So he's had one below average game for him, and I actually think he was probably our best player tonight.

    This lad has been doing it week in, week out with very very few off days. Not only that, but he was getting thrown off the ball today at every oppurtunity and the ref did absolutely nothing about it. Even as bad as some of the refereeing Is in the prem, Chelsea would never be getting away with that at senior level.

    either a loan move to La Liga or a place in the senior squad next year for this lad I hope
  6. Sensanetional


    23 Jan 2017
    The very last thing you want Brahim to do is go on loan to the Championship or the lower divisions in England, he is already tough enough mentally and I don't want him to build any more muscle and just accept that he'll always be outmuscled by some players. I feel like he's a bit naive in his duels but he'll grow with experience and soon enough he'll start dancing around midfields across Europe.

    I get that he's versatile and playing out of position is a part of his development but I'm getting increasingly frustrated at how little he's played in his natural position this season. Special talents like him have to be carefully nurtured.
  7. WallyA


    21 Dec 2016
    He will be kept and transitioned into the first team, of that I have no doubt, management will be pushing Pep to introduce Youth players don't forget this.

    Also, people should remember that many players look much better when they play with higher quality players around them. Aleix Garcia didn't look that great playing EDS earlier in the season, because it was obvious he was a level above, and they brought him down. I feel Diaz will be in a similar situation next season.
  8. Alber Fenoll Espejo

    Alber Fenoll Espejo

    2 Mar 2017
    Brahim Diaz vs Chelsea final FA YOUTH CUP

  9. aguero93:20


    21 Oct 2013
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    Nothing to worry about, you're wrong.
  10. Andrew___K


    20 Aug 2016
    Didn't have the opportunity to watch him oftenly enough, so I was completely blown away yesterday. The kid's simply a gem. Very good all-round performance and 3 throughballs that should have been goals.
    I find the idea of loaning out a youngster of such quality as nonsensical, just let him train with our big guys and get used to challenges. I can't wait for his debut as a starter.

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