Brighton (A) - Post Match Thread.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by FantasyIreland, 12 Aug 2017.

  1. Stretch


    17 Nov 2015
    I'll settle for that !! CTWFD
  2. Homar


    2 Jun 2017
    We weren't great. I think the initial set-up was wrong. Should have played with a back four, with Fernandinho dropping into a back three without possession. The pitch looked quite small and we didn't stretch the play enough. The centre was very congested and Sergio didn't have the pace to run on to balls that were getting played from deep when he went out wide.

    The Sergio Jesus partnership didn't work today. Neither were particularly involved in the buildup, although Jesus did put a shift in and created some dangerous situations. Ultimately though we still have the same problems up front as last season.
  3. blue7071


    31 Dec 2006
    I think they feel we should go berserk when we score. But really is difficult to get over excited about beating a team so far below us. They were all giddy for their first game, but their tactics were to try and kill the match. They played like the away team hoping for a draw at best. Do they have any premier league quality players. I think it'll be a long hard season for Brighton
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  4. mat


    22 May 2004
    Official Gimp to The Rat that Barks
    Glued to my tablet
    I was worried we'd see the same old struggle against a bus parking team. I was pleasantly surprised we persisted and got rewarded. We looked far more stable at the back and the squad depth is scary. A rag admitted to me in the pub we look the real deal.

    One down 37 to go.
  5. Scar Tissue

    Scar Tissue

    10 Apr 2017
    Understandably rusty, especially first game of the season against a team who came out to just disrupt (as is their right). Things will improve.

    Fantastic goal when it came. Big guns KDB, Silva D and Sergio stepping up when it counted.

    Pleased Mr Walker played so well in his first big game for us.

    Pep has often spoken this season about wanting the team to be more stable in their play. Definitely seeing that.

    Last season this would most likely have ended a disappointing 1-1. Good win given chaotic results so far.
  6. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    Yep, thought they were dreadful. If that had have been 15 games in when their effort levels were 5% down, their plastic support weren't going mental everytime they passed the half way line, and we were in the zone... it could have been 6 or 7 nil
  7. cyclops


    6 Jul 2005
    Just got back. How did we play? I was pissed and the sun was in my eyes.
  8. brooksy76


    11 Jul 2014
    Don't you mean eye?
  9. purplenose


    25 Oct 2015
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    The Deep South of Cheshire
    Brighton tried to park the bus and we looked scruffy at times, worrying reminders of last seasons difficulties in moving the bus. There will be plenty that park it better than Brighton.

    When all is said and done though, the first game of the season can throw up some funny results and Brighton away certainly put City in danger of being on the end of one, but we kept plugging away and eventually the pressure told and we got three points, which is all you can ask really.
  10. jollylescott


    28 May 2012
    In a way I don't mind that it was a spluttering start. If we started with a bang then all the talk would be about us. It was a low key start, we got the 3 points, no injuries, so it's onwards and upwards. We'll gradually get the machine cranked up.

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