Budget PAYG Phone Dilemma.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Taxi, 20 Apr 2017.

  1. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    A good choice Mr Risin.
    There is more metal and quality of finish in the 5g and it has a better camera.
    I think the only reason we did not plumb for the 5G was the screen size.
    I think the 4 g battery is only slight better at 3000.The note battery comes out at 3200
    For a bargain £160 you have bought yourself state of the art technology and your wallet will love you for it !
  2. Gelsons Dad

    Gelsons Dad

    22 Nov 2007
    Zurich Switzerland.
    The device is not a "cell".
    I stopped reading after that.

    If you want a dirt cheap mobile go to Banggood.com.
  3. bluemoon risin'

    bluemoon risin'

    18 Aug 2009
    Taking the rise.
    Somewhere in Little Britain.
    I have previously bought stuff from 'bang-bad' n' my experience is not good. Bought a tablet about 12 months ago from their Chinese warehouse. Took 6 weeks to arrive and packaging was damaged. On complaining to their customer service dept, i received a "we're sorry" type email.

    Won't order from.them again.
  4. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    So why send me to banggood.com who also call them a cell : /
    I shall write to them Mr Gelson.Blatent Americanization of the dear Anglophile and mark their card I shall.

    Thanks for the heads up and totally awesome dude and eat my shorts ;)

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  5. Manchester1894


    14 Aug 2007
    I'm looking for a new phone. I jumped into the Microsoft pond when the new Lumia 640 launched 2 and bit years ago. Have to say it's a brilliant phone, was upgraded to Windows 10 and still worked great. Best battery on a budget phone in 2015 and up until a few months ago lasted a whole day on battery! The app gap was a big downer through. But everything else was beautiful about the way the phone worked and handled. All for £90. Then Microsoft got rid of Nokia and decided to no-longer support
    Specs at the time were:
    • Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2GHz
    • 8GB storage (30GB free cloud storage) (NEEDS TO BE 32/64GB now)
    • 2500mAh replaceable battery (3000 seems reasonable now)
    • 5in screen (ideal for me)
    Been doing my research, and with Android you get quickly left behind, so a bare minimum should be 32GB internal storage. In a year or so, apps will take up more internal storage as well as Android updates so that's the non-negotiable.
    I'm payg. £240 for calls across 12 months (300 mins, ultd texts 500mb data). I usually buy a budget phone for £100-150.. but stretching to a 32GB might cost me. Removable battery is not a must but great to have. It must be able to take the Android Oreo update. It must also be compatible with 4g networks (a big problem with the Chinese phones!).

    Oneplus 3T would be ideal but might have to wait to Black Friday to get a good deal (maybe on contract).
  6. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    You should get some good feedback off folk on here.
    If I could suggest a review of your sim plan ?
    Your paying £20 a month for 300 minutes unlimited txts and 500mg data.

    If you change your sim you could go someway to self financing your new phone for free.
    Sim only no tie in monthly contract with 3 network is £10 a month for all inclusive txts 200 minutes and 500 mg data.
    If you tie in for a year you can have all this for only a fiver a month saving £180 a year.Talk nicely to them and they will also throw in 2,000 3 to 3 minutes.
    A lot of wonga to toward your new phone mate.
  7. gobsteruk


    14 May 2009
    Agree about the SIM taxi! I use giffgaff no contract £10 buys me 500mins unlimited texts and 3gig of data. As for a basic android phone, I have the Moto G, which cost me £120 new from giffgaff (they don't lock handsets to their network)
  8. oldhamblue


    26 Aug 2007
    I would recommend buying Chinese smartphones. I got one last year with the latest version of android for £45. Got a Giffgaff sim card - £15 unlimited calls and texts, 20 GB data
  9. BimboBob


    7 Jul 2008
    Shut up you teutonic twat!
    Moto 5. Cheap. Expandable. Upgradable. 4g.
  10. TheRemainsOfTheDave


    16 Mar 2017
    Another vote for Moto from me. Got my G3 with 2GB Ram and 32GB for about £120 last year and no issues. Pay £8 a month to BT for unlimited calls/texts and 3GB data.

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