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  1. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    Difficult balancing act, to get the right age & quality.

    You could see the potential for disaster in Davinson Sanchez' performance for Spurs yesterday. He's a real potential talent but they are flying by the seat of their pants by actually playing him in such a crucial position.

    This is why VVD is such a no brainer to me. He is proven.

    If we signed him & he was a bit of a disappointment for the money, he would still be a Premier League level, fairly solid, 'disappointment for the money', & still a very useful player.

    If he reached his peak level, he would be worth more than we paid, in 12 months.

    And then, being secure with a group of cbs, the next one we signed after VVD, could afford to be a gamble on 'potential'.
  2. Easy


    11 Aug 2015
    I have seen Davinson play prior to the Spurs move and was not impressed. Was surprised to see Spurs make him their record signing. He has potential but can easily flop, I feel something is missing with him. de Ligt will have a much better career. He is a very interesting option IMO.

    I agree on VVD, no brainer to sign him. Like it or not we need someone to replace Kompany and he would be the perfect fit. £42m for Davinson who played one season for Ajax makes £70m on VVD looks like excellent value. I just have a feeling the club doesn't want to spend such a large some on CB, we got it severely wrong with Mangala, and spent a lot of Otamendi (good value overall) & Stones (will be a bargain). Our record signing is still De bruyne I believe, it just seems to me that the club is ready to spend big money on an attacker but probably feel there is better value than spending £70m on a CB, hopefully I am wrong as VVD is the complete modern ball playing CB.

    Apparently we are interested in Lucas Hernandez, I haven't seen much of him but I'm sure he will cost at least £40m. Can play LB which is crucial.

    Milan Skriniar is also one to look out for, is 22 and plays for Inter, Spalletti is a great manager and I think Inter will do really well this season.

    Next Summer will again be an important window for us. CB and DM being the main target positions to fill and probably LB. Ideally we sell Mangala next summer for £10m (will only have a year left on his deal) and Otamendi for £20m+.
  3. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    King if the North?
  4. Southern


    9 Aug 2015
    I was thinking of him too. What's his ball-playing skills like?
  5. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
    Think we're at the point where we need to consider buying one in January, I was all for waiting till next summer but we just can't rely on Kompany.

    At the moment, if we get an injury, we're either playing someone out of position, playing Mangala who doesn't suit how we play or Adarabioyo who he doesn't seem to have confidence in starting league games yet but will probably play against Wolves.

    Question will be can we get someone who plays our style and isn't cup tied in the Champions League. Think someone younger would be ideal for now and then possibly sign a top class centre half next summer.

    Laporte would be my choice, wasn't ready last time we wanted him but surely that's understandable. I know we don't want to return for players that originally have said no but think he would be ideal. Was injured in the summer, so obviously wanted to recover in Bilbao, time to return in for him?

    Laporte, Sanchez and possibly a left back (Bertrand?) in January. Not sure what that does to our foreign quota though.

    Van Dijk is the other obvious option.
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  6. yankblue


    3 Jan 2009
    I agree with you, I'm just not sure if 3 big signings in January is realistic.
  7. BluessinceHydeRoad


    26 Mar 2012
    The question is still, "Who?"
  8. Cobwebcat


    21 Aug 2007
    In the mind of a sausage

    This is exactly my take. It really does look like a no brainer. We have a huge VVD shaped hole in our squad and we seem to be unsure about him. If ever there was a City player at another club this is him.
  9. BlueCityfan


    15 Feb 2011
    We need another CB. We know that. The question is, do we need 2? With Kompany clearly done.

    The next 2 windows i predict we go for:

    DM to replace Yaya
    LB cover for Mendy
    And 1-2 CB's.
  10. Andrew___K


    20 Aug 2016
    Milan Skriniar is definitely a huge talent, and only 22 yo.

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