Champions League 2017/18 - Knock Out Stages

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Gray, 4 Nov 2017.

  1. willipp


    13 May 2011
    I think Feyenoord at home is the kind of game we can bring in the like of Yaya, Gundo, Managala (i know), Bravo, Foden, Bernardo, Danillo and still comfortably win. They are a very poor side and perfect chance to rest some of the big names. Win that and then play similar again with maybe Diaz and tosin getting a chance. Hopefully it just gives the players a breather going into a crazy few weeks in Decemeber.
  2. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Not sure about that. It depends on the Shakhtar result in Naples If they beat or draw with Napoli in the head-to-head record then it's game on for them . Frankly I'd rather Naples went out as they could go really deep in the tournament and we could play than again in the QF or SF. If the competition draw wasn't fixed. In a fair competition, we shouldn't be able to play them again till the final.
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  3. Thekinkygoat


    31 Aug 2017
    A Napoli-Shaktar draw on the night combined with a City win is the dream scenario as it knocks Napoli out, qualifies Shaktar but leaves them unable to top the group.
  4. vmsuhail


    11 Mar 2012
    Yes, this makes the group settled before our final game, so we can rest all our big guns for the OT derby.
  5. bigf42


    25 Aug 2010
    Assuming we beat Feyenoord...

    If Shaktar beat Napoli, then they can still win the group by beating us in the head to head.
    If Napoli beat Shaktar in the head to head, then Napoli can still qualify if Shaktar loose to us, therefore Shaktar will need to get a point. We will be through as winners of the group.
    If Napoli beat Shaktar 2-1, then the head to head is equal, and it goes to Goal Difference between them should Shaktar lose to us, We win the group.
    If Napoli beat Shaktar and lose the Head to Head, then it's a dead rubber,
    If its a draw then it's also a dead rubber.

    I hope it's a dead rubber, we can do without the need to win the last game, or have our sporting integrity questioned.

    Also hope that CSKA and Basel realise how bad the Scum really are and find some backbone to put some pressure on them for the final game.
  6. ZanteWeatherman


    2 Jun 2009
    Watching God's own team from "The Rock"
    Why on earth would Shaktar play a weakened team against us?. Have you seen their league?, Stockport County would finish second............

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