Champions League/Europa League semi-final draws

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Ric, 21 Apr 2017.

  1. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    The draw went exactly how predicted then
  2. eversince 76

    eversince 76

    16 May 2013
    I forgot. It's the rags. Top easy.
  3. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Knowing Guidetti if he did score he would absolutely rub their faces in it. Nothing that boy likes more than antagonising people, and particularly opposition fans.
  4. Eds


    7 Nov 2005
    So the weakest team drew the second weakest team left in the comp
  5. When will this 'all the leagues in Europe are shit except the mighty premier league' end? Plenty on the continent would argue that our league is a league of mediocrity, full stop.
    As for the mighty Genk, well, they knocked out Spurs who might just end up as premier league champions....
  6. jimmygrimblesboots


    17 Aug 2014
    parallel universe
    Can't understand why the Rags get the advantage of playing all their 2nd legs at home , could it be UEFA are desperate to have their cash cow back in the Champs league ? But Celta Vigo are an excellent team on their day as Barca and Real have found out this season , they won't be overawed going to the swamp , and if the Rags are pinning their hopes on a 19 year old kid who could'nt finish a good breakfast their optimism is misplaced.
  7. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    When will all this 'I'll jump into a post and put a weird spin on it about the premier league when it's not even been mentioned' not on about the prem wind your neck in. Our league is mediocre.

    My point is they are 10th in la liga behind some right shite, look at the table. Watford ours for clarity. The mighty genk did manage to knock out 10 man spurs you are correct.
  8. If 'wind your neck in' is your considered response, I'll leave it to you.
  9. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    It wasn't, it was a very very small part of my reply. You've chose to ignore the reply because you look stupid with your premier league rant as it's quite clear it was never mentioned.

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