Cheesey on BBC Manchester

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  1. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    25 Nov 2010
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    And then there is sending the whole lot over to the world cup / euros..... to sit in a studio in Paris or Cape Town or somewhere, where a studio in London does exactly the same thing without the costs...
  2. the butler did it

  3. crazyg


    3 Jun 2009
    Woodley by the sea, Stockport
    With a lead pipe in the scullery?
  4. daveyboybluemoon


    29 Aug 2008
    For what it's worth, I was on Blue Tuesday last night as one of the fans in the studio. The show was hosted by Jimmy Wagg as it has been recently & at the start of the show he said he was in for Ian Cheeseman but more tellingly at the end when he was wrapping up he said it again but this time he said "I'm sitting in for my friend & colleague Ian Cheesman & we hope he will back sooner rather than later but I am quite happy to fill in until he does"

    Now if he had been sacked, or gardening leave or anything else then I don't think he'd be saying that......

    (No I didn't ask anyone about it while I was there as it didn't seem appropriate to do so as before they were prepping, you then do the show, then after a picture afterwards you get off quite quickly)

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