Cheesey on BBC Manchester

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Manx Blue, 27 Dec 2016.

  1. Deepest Blue

    Deepest Blue

    20 May 2010
    Tamping on the bridge.
    Might be bollocks but just what I heard that he started supporting Latics and City was his #2 team.
    If so he got it right eventually :)
  2. Barnes7


    19 Apr 2017
    Flying down the left wing
    During another Wembley week thought id just mention my trip down south with Cheesey. In 1981 Ian worked at the Coop bank in M/c with my oldest bro, before he'd started his media work. Ian was involved with the supporters club and was given the job of flogging cokes, crisps, mars bars etc on one of the special trains down to wembley. Sure there was something like 10 special trains laid on, how times have changed.Top lad then as now, and like us all a City fanatic. Me and my 2 older bro's worked our passage down there flogging the crap with him from the caged guards van at the rear of train No6 if i remember rightly. Then did the same again on the Thursday replay. Always remember heading home with a case of 24 coke and a pocket full of mars bars.
  3. whicko


    15 Jan 2009
    Spoke to Ian on Wembley Way & asked when he might return to GMR,he replied 'I can't comment' obviously gagged by the lawyers until resolved,I also suggested he work for the club which brought a knowing smile to his face!
  4. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    Cheesy has done a lot of commentary and media work on Latics, plus he lives within walking distance of the ground. So he's probably got a bit of a soft spot for them and catches the odd game... but he is, and always has been, a fanatical city fan
  5. Bluep*ss


    14 Nov 2012
    This has been asked many times on here BUT what has Cheesy supposed to have done.? -
    Has he been 'slagging off' anyone on Radio Manc. or even the almighty BBC.
    Answers on a postcard to.......
  6. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
    They probably didn't like him doing a video slagging the referee off after the chelsea home game
  7. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    I would take that with a large pinch of salt

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