Chelsea after Sergio

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by flyer, 17 Jul 2017.

  1. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    I think it's all quite fun by actually. He's not being sold. Fuck all to see. It's not the media trying to unsettle anyone, it's just a fun story for them. Let them have their story, as not even Chelsea fans will believe it.
  2. bluemoonmatt


    20 Jun 2007
    Pharmacist ;-)
    Gods Country
    Well this has escalated quickly, in all seriousness serg is god but he's at the peak of what he'll sell for especially this crazy window. Talk is we can compete for mbappe. If selling Kun allowed us to get an equally top class replacement in say Mbappe (younger to boot) and Sanchez and still leave funds to add Bertrand (think Mendy is already done) and a decent centre half then as wounded as I'm sure I'd feel it would probably be a good thing long term, because we would have a proper squad not just a proper 11. The feeling has been for a while peps remit is not just building up city while he's here, but continued success after he's gone, I don't think Kun is our future, he's the single most glorious moment of our past, I don't want him gone and will be sick in my mouth if I ever have to see him score in another English teams shirt but the pragmatic side of me thinks it wouldn't be the kind of apocalypse it feels now.
  3. feedthegoat


    20 Jan 2006
    Chance of sky taking that bet = 0%
  4. 55yr old teenager

    55yr old teenager

    18 Apr 2017
    Well said. I agree 100%
  5. Jack74


    27 Dec 2008
    You might get 30p on , if your lucky
  6. Rammy Blue

    Rammy Blue

    23 May 2008
    All this is off the back of one spurious shite trolling tweet yesterday afternoon, Sky then decide they have sources that have confirmed the "strong interest". Fucking lol.
  7. kupest


    14 Sep 2013
    I could barely get myself to think of selling him but a PL club would be a ridiculous thing to do. Hopefully garbage as it seems it is.
  8. Exeter Blue I am here

    Exeter Blue I am here

    30 Jan 2011
    Take a wild guess.......
    I know, astonishing isn't it?! And 25 pages of horseshit on here to go with it!
  9. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith

    29 Sep 2014
    Is there ANY element of truth to this or are Sky just shit stirring?
  10. the plasterer

    the plasterer

    28 Dec 2008
    Plastering a home near you
    My Mrs wants aguero as well but she ain't getting him either, actually she has more chance of getting him than the chavs, poor serg :-))

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