City Fans Leaving Early/Empty seats

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  1. mancityvstoke


    15 Apr 2009
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    I'm nearly 96 and do much worse than that
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    30 Dec 2007
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  3. San Tropez

    San Tropez

    2 Sep 2017
    Have dippers seen this?
  4. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Liverpool have the same problem.

    Tickets sold, but not everyone in them.

    Non-attending season ticket holders are the problem. Proof was the Burnley FA Cup where everyone had to buy a ticket. Empty seats in the North Stand miraculously vanished.

    I agree with the points above that a significant number of season card holders don't go. I suspect city know who they are because they can track attendances.

    It is a particular problem at city because of the massive gap between match-day prices and seasoncard prices. Without looking at it, I suspect City have the largest amount of cheap season tickets, and at the same time some of the most expensive match-day prices. Therefore a lot of City fans have decided to buy seasoncards, but not to go to all the games.

    Solution: Ticket re-sale. There must be more and more casual City fans around now than ever who want to get to a game. We'd have never been able to sell 50k for a 3rd Round Cup game a few years ago.
  5. Indaparkside


    28 Dec 2015
    Fake news
  6. Exeter Blue I am here

    Exeter Blue I am here

    30 Jan 2011
    Take a wild guess.......
    I've had a season card for the last 15 years (and for 5 previous years back in the 80's). I live 250 miles away and certain games (evening kick offs in particular) are often an impossibility for me due to the difficulty in taking leave from work at very short notice, to accommodate the whims of Sky and BT Sport. I attend about 75% of all games, home and away, albeit that to achieve the latter I'm having to use the begging bowl for tickets more and more often. Whilst the reasonably attractive price of that season ticket makes it preferable to the hassle of buying individual match day tickets, it also galvanises me to go to games to justify shelling out for it every year. If I didn't have the season card I'd probably end up going to half the games that I do. I doubt that I'm alone in that regard, and I'm far from convinced that a hike in season ticket prices to price people in my situation out of contention is a good idea. In my experience once people get out of the habit of going they don't go at all, and whilst Liverpool may have a small army of day trippers waiting to take up the slack, I'm not so sure that we do
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  7. Man_City_Loyal


    16 Feb 2017
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    Annoying as it is, its the only way some fans can have banter these days.

    Plus they are usually the same set of fans who never set foot in a ground.
  8. moomba


    26 Jan 2006
    Thought Liverpool were trialling a scheme this season where locals went on standby and if a seat wasn't filled by a certain time they got let in.
  9. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    They dont have to hike up the price of season tickets but make match day tickets more competitive .at the moment it probably cheaper in some areas to buy a season ticket but only go to 60 -70 percent of the games .make match day tickets cheaper there is no incentive to buy a season ticket and miss games might as well jyst pay the ones you want to go to
  10. Franny 1234

    Franny 1234

    25 Mar 2017
    Parking at ASDA doesn't help.
    This season they have made it a 3 hours maximum stay.which is fine if you don't get there to early and if you don't stay till the final whistle.
    If you stay till the end you run the risk of getting caught in the gridlock trying to get out of Asda car park. Therefore going over the 3 hours. RESULTING IN a £80 fine through the post.

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