City odds to win the title

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Georgian Maestro, 22 Oct 2017.

  1. Harvster


    26 May 2011
    Have you won the pools?
  2. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    Haha no - just my William Hill account is handy on the phone! every time I have a nice feeling about us I keep lumping on.
  3. Just checked the odds on Skybet and they have us at a ridiculous 2/9 to win the Prem (second favourite is Spuds at 10/1). I know we've been brilliant so far, but it's not even November yet ffs!

    However, the long odds on everyone else does mean that a 30 quid bet (a tenner on Spurs, a tenner on United, and a tenner on Chelsea), would cost you 30 quid if City won the league (good value!) but if somehow things went wrong (i.e. FA/PiGMOL conspiracy), you'd win 80 quid (Spurs), 90 quid (United - I feel dirty typing that), or 200 quid (Chelsea).

    The nightmare scenario in this plan would be if Arsenal or Liverpool somehow won the league (hard to keep a straight face typing that). But if you're the paranoid type, another tenner, split 5 and 5 between those two would net you almost 300 quid for an Arsenal win or nearly 500 quid if it is, indeed "their year" (again).
  4. christen at St Marks

    christen at St Marks

    3 Jan 2009
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    I just worked out how many points could be dropped to achieve greatest points tally, to win the EPL, then thought, curse, etc, etc, etc, curse, lets just beat WBA after Wolves
  5. frasermcfc


    2 Nov 2008
    Bet365 are going 11/4 for us NOT to win the league!!
  6. Georgian Maestro

    Georgian Maestro

    3 Sep 2008
    1/7 now to win the league with most bookies. You can currently lay City on Betfair at 1/5 so for £10 risk you can win £50 for us NOT to win the league. Mental
  7. The blue phantom

    The blue phantom

    26 Aug 2015
    1/9 with PP. Shortest price in history after 11 games.
  8. Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    19 May 2014
    Victor even shorter - 1/10 :)

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