City post record revenues of £473.4million for 16/17

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by ManCityX, 8 Nov 2017.

  1. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    I don't need a lesson lol,i'm not up on how much the top teams profits are,perhaps someone else is?
  2. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    This,the big picture is good
  3. nico1


    2 Nov 2008
    I think it’s only fair we, the fans, ought to get some kind of ‘loyalty’ Xmas bonus on the back of this. These profits wouldn’t have been possible without me...I mean, us.
  4. I see commercial revenue was up around GBP 40 million, a big rise after growth in that area was pretty flat over the previous year or two. Any indication as to whether that's due in part to an increase in the Etihad deal, as Simon Mullock reported a couple of years ago was on the cards? And if so, is there any clue as to how much of the increase came from Etihad and how much from elsewhere?
  5. City Raider

    City Raider

    14 Jul 2008
    follow me I'm right behind you
    Apparently we were looking at £10m profit if not for the changed reporting period.
  6. Kinkys Left Foot

    Kinkys Left Foot

    2 Sep 2008
    Isn't it about time we re-visited the Etihad deal too?
    Must be worth more than the original investment by now - they got it a bit on the cheap last time. Got to be worth about 60 million a year by now or a measly 11% of our income.
    That'll push the overall income over 500 Million next year. Wont FFP be worried about "Fair Value" - lol :)
  7. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    Big jump in wages, Pep coming in and pre clearout I suspect is the cause
  8. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Going through City transfer and player contract dates, it would appear the purchase of Bernado could be included in these accounts though not his wages but that would only account for the £35m fee/(5 years of contract) = £7m. Chicken feed in the great scheme if things and it isn't of benefit till 2022.
  9. Jalfraag


    20 May 2012
    If commercial income has gone up by 40M, I would imagine the Etihad deal has increased already.
  10. Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    19 May 2014

    51.86 Matchday - down a tad from 52.52 (fewer home games)

    47.92 UEFA - down from 61.24 (lower share of market pool and L16 as opposed to SF)

    155.56 PL – up from 100.14 (new PL Domestic TV Deal)

    218.03 Commercial – up from 177.87 (BIG increase after being relatively flat last couple of years)

    473.38 – up from 391.75

    So a big increase in turnover but as profit has dropped there has to be a big increase in certain expenses. The biggest ones:

    264.13 Wages - up from 197.5 . (BIG increase and now pretty much the same as United. Reasons? Pep and his £15m(?) salary, the cost of his team, bonuses on the out of contract players which were loaded to the end of contracts, new players etc and prob other reasons as well

    121.74 Amortisation – up from 93.95. (Transfers cost money! A tad below the equivalent figure for United)

    94.17 External Charges – up from 76.92 (Don’t know what these are)

    Now await the expert Prestwich Blue and his interpretation…..

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