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  1. BlueMon


    22 Oct 2010
    Which is why we started our City podcast, a couple of years and 101 episodes ago. Sick of a) the lack of City coverage and b) the poor quality of what there was. Not to mention the bias... Not saying we're top quality, most of the time it's just a couple of season ticket holders having a chat. Which sometimes turns into, err, a lively discussion.
    website & archive:
    Twitter: @Pale_Azure
  2. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Thanks mate just subscribed on iTunes so I'll enjoy listening.
  3. blueyorkie


    27 Feb 2007
    Horse Strangler
    Sorted thanks
  4. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Podcasts to listen out for this week all on iTunes
    Blue Moon podcast
    '8.36 - The Animal Sanctuary' #mcfc




    Inside City

    They also have an interesting interview with David Brightwell from March talking about his career, Reid's sacking, Sam Ellis and his debut again Fashanu!

    Pale Azure is a good listen thanks @BlueMon.

    9320 podcast @9320 is the renamed Citywatch podcast again a must listen for any City fan with @BillyShears.

    Noisy neighbours is also a good listen

    Nothing yet from the Man City show but should be something soon.
  5. Thatdickovgoal


    25 Sep 2011
    been a BlueMoonPodcast listener for a few seasons, what they do is always good. consistent and good features. Howard Hockins Rants are fun too. the interviews with gary cook were great.

    Started listening to the Citywatch/9220 pod recently and its also good - more in depth, but for me a-bit of over analysis sometimes, I want them to kick on from the starting 11 discussion a bit quicker and get into the game. no disrespect to the guys who do it.

    going to have a listen of some of the ones posted above. I am an absolute podcast fiend

    Non-City specific football pods.

    I have been a long time listener to the football ramble and the guardian weekly. starting to lose patience with the football ramble recently however - feel they have got too big for the boots and its not funny or even interesting anymore and hardly ever give city the credit we deserve. they do love ripping into arsenal though and their banter is quite funny especially on the topic of Pardew or Kevin Keegan.

    Guardian weekly is interesting for the European summary's especially for champions league weeks as they usually have good knowledge. and you've got to love Jimbo.

    I used to listen to the Second captains pod. this was an Irish times podcast and was pretty decent. I found it refreshing to have a non-English media related pod. seem to lay into united a lot. the journo Ken Early on that pod wrote that article we all enjoyed

    Sorry I went of on a tangent there. I am bored in work....
  6. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Thanks love podcasts rarely listen to the radio these days..,
  7. Thatdickovgoal


    25 Sep 2011
    When my dad picks me up for the match he usually has talksport on and I just get wound up by the obvious goading of supporters to ring up. You can't take anything they say seriously as it's all an act.
  8. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    It's all Arsenal this, Spurs that Liverpool the other. Tedious the way they go on.
  9. Sunny Coast Blue

    Sunny Coast Blue

    21 Nov 2010
    Anything that works on a more civilised less xxxxish service than itunes please, thank you.
  10. BandwagonJumper


    26 Apr 2012
    @MCFC_Adelaide - Australia
    Give Touchline Fracas a go, not a City-specific pod, but they praise us and defend us a hell of a lot more than mainstream media

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