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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by City Raider, 21 Sep 2017.

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    Well I'd assume that the SKY contract had been gone into with a fine toothed comb and as long as what that covers there are no legal issues. Interesting that SKY are bitching yet BT who chucked a lot of cash in the pot aren't saying anything. Thats the issue with a monopoly - not that SLY had one of course - all may not be as it seems.
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    30 Apr 2009
    Totally fine mate, I just wasn't sure if you were saying I was shoe-horning in a post about the "media agenda" on to this topic.

    I completely agree with you, the way the media operates in this country is just a joke.

    I don't think there's an "out to get us" agenda as such, I just think the media is so obsessively profit driven that they frame pretty much everything they say about us towards what will play well with United / Liverpool fans, as they make up the vast majority of their audience. It makes commercial sense for them, but as a City fan, it's incredibly frustrating.

    Hopefully this Amazon doc will give a bit more of a positive light to the club. I've heard they've done great things witg their NFL docs.
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    Sky spitting their dummy out about it makes it even better.
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    Cue Pep: "In this envelope are the names of three players who will let me down this season"
    Straight from Brenda's coaching manual

    Hopefully not a series of hour long adverts for The Tunnel Club
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    And an accompanying magazine with the makers logo on with the team doing the centre circle wave would be a smart move as well.
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    14 Apr 2011
  7. TheThirdDeano


    29 Apr 2012
    If it pisses off the big dogs here lets do it even more.

    Fuck 'em.

    In fact lets go futher it would actually be a good platform to express opinions we as a club can't really explicitly say.
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    The concern I have is that Sky bigwigs will sit down together and converse on this subject, in their bitterness and commercial frustration it will be discussed how this is not what they envisaged outside of our deal to show games they will be fuming having missed an opportunity, they will go on how it would be disastrous if the programme actually covered the Premier league winners during the documentaries. All that exclusive viewing they would normally have monopoly over would bviously not be shown but much more in depth and informative for viewers.

    They will not be happy, let's hope it doesn't affect any results!!!!
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    Haha- I actually started watching that because I thought it would be an interesting insight. It was bollocks
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    This is really good. Interesting to read about the Juve one as well,

    If, as anticipated, these docos are in the same vein and to a similar standard as All or Nothing and Hard Knocks, they will be must watch for sports fans.

    I wonder who will do the narration? Jon Hamm and Lieb Schreiber are two hard acts to follow, helps that they both love american football..hopefully we get someone decent, Daniel Craig perhaps?

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