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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ducado, 8 Mar 2014.

  1. BlueBearBoots


    15 Jan 2009
    FFs do they have a special male section? Do they fuck I've been a fan since 76 always managed without this patronising shit
  2. Rascal


    10 Jan 2005
    Interesting that two of our vocal girl posters feel the way they do.

    Ive had a look, and its fine by me. I hope to see more blogs, articles etc about City from a female perspective and I think the womans section could work well at that. Maybe the more prominent our girls team become the better the section will become.

    Lets see, like a lot of things City are groundbreaking and we cant fault the lack of attempt at inclusivity imho.
  3. Ducado


    3 Aug 2007
    Top of the Tower
    An interesting perspective Rascal
  4. shemnel


    21 Dec 2013
    seems like pandering bordering on patronising.

    it's about footy and surely should stay footy, dedicating things to women such as cooking and fitness regimes just suggests theyre a bit thick or distracted and need some other distractions.

    HAVING said that, the main site is full of merchandising and other crap and its job is winning fans over and it certainly isnt the place i go for any decent footy chat/analysis!
  5. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    It may appeal to the younger girl fans but not to this oldie :)
  6. bluesoup


    15 Feb 2009
    Love the idea... Bring it on.
  7. Not really sure why recipes and fitness should be aimedspecifically at women, nothing wrong with getting a female perspective on all things City though.
  8. Rascal


    10 Jan 2005
    I dont feel its patronising because in no way does it debase fans like yourself and the other girls on here. You all come on here and join in, in a place that can be dreadfully misogynistic towards you all, its male orientated etc etc. But no blue on here ever doubts one of you girls passion for our club. I take my best mate to City and she is a girl, she is more passionate than me and knows and understands footy. She took me shopping on friday and we argued about Javi ffs lol But not all City girls post on here and the ratio of male to female posters on here is nothing akin to what you see at the Etihad.

    Perhaps a girls only room on here would work as well, perhaps not, but I personally think the club is trying to reach all sections of our support and offer them something, which can never be a bad thing I reckon.
  9. bgblue


    4 Apr 2011
    Janes right of course, he is slow as fuck :)
  10. charliebigspuds


    30 Aug 2008
    seems patronising to me. Why can't they do a City Blokes where we can all meet up, drink copious amounts of alcohol and talk about football?

    and the odd curry recipe.

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