CL Quarter Final Draw - Liverpool A Apr 4th - H Apr 10th

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by jrb, 13 Feb 2018.

  1. colorado blue

    colorado blue

    20 Jun 2009
    Would prefer to save the biggies for semi and beyond. Seville or Roma first choice followed by Chelsea if they beat Barca and then Juve. After that RM. just don’t want Barca or Bayern yet. I think we can beat anyone but risk of beating the big ones in quarter is losing focus for semi thinking job done.
  2. kiam06


    12 Oct 2008
    Sometimes it's great to be wrong! :)
  3. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    Any of our, or other teams’, players got card accumulation issues? When do those get wiped off the slate?

    Might be nice to play someone who would be missing a star or two!

    Speaking of which, how far down the tightrope is Fernandinho...both CL & PL? Seems like an eternity since we first discussed him almost reaching 10 in the PL!
  4. Thomas Hearns

    Thomas Hearns

    13 Jan 2018
    Barca v Real
    Juve v Bayern
    Scousers v Roma
    City v Sevilla

    Beat Sevilla 3-0 away in the first leg to virtually guarantee us a SF place enabling us to field a full strength team for the “guard of honour” derby.
  5. PepInYourStep


    23 Jun 2017
    We've had favourable draws in the last 16 for the past 3 years, UEFA might be corrupt but no need to suspect a conspiracy at every turn tbh
  6. I don't think the draws are corrupt. But the reffing of Lahoz is certainly corrupt. How many penalties has he given away in the matches that he's reffed us? 3 out of 3, I think it is. How many weren't even fouls? 2 at least. How many penalties did he fail to award us that were blatant? I remember him booking Aguero for diving when he was blatantly fouled. You know he's a corrupt ref when one of the quietest, nicest guys in our squad i.e. KDB was getting booked for arguing with him about his shit performance. Every decision he makes is always against City.
  7. Bluep*ss


    14 Nov 2012
    I see Dzeko scored tonight................
  8. Bluep*ss


    14 Nov 2012
    Can you remind me of the Rags score tonight ?
  9. paddyblue


    6 Aug 2010
    This would be an almost perfect draw
  10. bumbleblue


    16 Jan 2009
    South stand level 3.
    Especially if it then went
    Barca v Bayern
    City v Roma
    Final City v either

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