Complaint to BBC regarding Pete the Badge

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Prestwich_Blue, 7 Feb 2017.

  1. PrestwichBlue2


    2 Feb 2014
    The quadruple is still on according to the lunchtime 5live sports report.
  2. Stiff Little Wingers

    Stiff Little Wingers

    25 Aug 2010
    Really well argued and written. The BBC bias has been steadily getting worse
  3. blueincy


    23 Feb 2014
    That should be well done Colin Savage...

    Yes it's getting worse...
  4. T_C


    1 Sep 2015
    I was listening to Radio 2 on the way to work this am (I'm old) the "Sports Presenter" said something along the lines of "big fa cup weekend coming up" he proceeded to list all the teams and where they were playing, including the likes of Chelsea and arsenal, then he got to Man City to which he said "the millionaires of man city are away to Huddersfield" What a ****.
  5. They tend to say strange things when they are jerking themselves off live on air, same when they are writing for the BBC too
  6. Bluemanc100


    26 Mar 2011
    Exiled in Hawarden
    Been complaining on Twatter today about BBC Radio 2.. this morning they were talking about the Huddersfield game and referred to us as "the Millionaires from Manchester" ... tweeted them a number of times but only got radio silence..... I've got now words really about the delta between the way that the press treat us and the way that treat the Red Sox... We'll never win I don't think so fuck 'em I say..

    Just read "T-C's" post.... glad I wasn't hearing things
  7. Midlands Blue

    Midlands Blue

    11 Sep 2005
    Cheeky monkeys...obviously should have been 'billionaires'!
  8. Delboy352


    4 Jun 2011
    Just been watching BBC Sport on BBC News channel and after an article on Lincoln City (fair enough), the presenter then said, as the list of fixtures came up "these some of the fixtures coming up this weekend including Middlesbrough hosting League 1 Oxford Utd, Premier League Champions Leicester head to South London to face Millwall, Wolves will hope for another big scalp as they host Chelsea. Then on Sunday there's a London derby between Fulham and Spurs and holders Scummy b@stards are at Blackburn...they did follow it with an article about Jesus' metatarsal and a bit from Pep, but no mention of us playing at all, except that we were listed...absolute sh!ts...needless to say that when Bournemouth were mentioned as having fallen foul of the doping charge, we were mentioned, along with the amount of fine...
  9. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    Recently became a man of leisure.
    315 gold not platinum
    Yep, was about to go to sleep but saw and thought your thoughts.

    The being ignored/purely negative comments happens accoss the board on all media. I'm 53 and to paraphrase baconface it'll not change in my lifetime.
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  10. 1961_vintage


    20 Sep 2009
    Excellent piece. Not sure why anyone would need to ask them why though. It's pretty obvious.

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