Crazy decisions of years gone by.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Millwallawayveteran1988, 5 Oct 2017.

  1. Millwallawayveteran1988


    23 Sep 2010
    Personally i don't think we should ever appoint ex rags as city managers. I couldn't take to Hughes for that reason alone.
  2. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Understand your point of view but don't completely agree with it. The scum would not have got where they are without Busby .
    I am a forgiving kind of a guy and will forgive past indiscretions providing they are not complete A***holes like Keane or Giggs.
  3. bluemurray


    28 May 2011
    Glued to the PC waiting for them goals to fly in!!
    For me as a 50-year old and therefore plenty of events to reflect upon, there can be little doubt the the biggest cock-up in a club famous for them was the bringing back of Malcolm Allison in 1978 and the subsequent train-wreck of a 'team rebuilding' that took place thereafter. The financial implications of this alone caused havoc at both boardroom and dressing room level for years and weakened a club which had been amongst the strongest on the division for some years previously. All the other stuff, the loss in 81, the relegation's in 83, 87, 96 & 98, the 'Forward with Franny' disaster, all the managerial changes and half-arsed failings essentially stem from that decision in '78.
  4. Boney


    11 Sep 2005
    If fowler had scored it would have been a master stroke.
  5. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    I'm a bit older than you but completely concur.Every club makes mistakes but that one was a real disaster from which we never really recovered until the last takeover.
    Mind the mistake might have been getting in Swales which allowed the disaster to happen.
  6. Henkeman


    11 Sep 2011
    It's funny really - I was a small child at that time and remember my father ranting about Allison's return. My first ever game was the home cup match to Palace in '81 and he was their manager by then. I'd never seen my father so angry (me being naughty not included), he raged about how he'd destroyed the club and so on. As a naive child I had no idea, but you're spot on, it all stemmed from that time, the time when for me the club could do nothing wrong of course. The slightly sad bit was that apart from taking me, my father thenceforth somewhat fell out of love with City - and he was one of those who went to Newcastle to watch the league title win.
  7. Selling Michael Hughes to fucking Strasbourg for fucking £225,000.
  8. jimmygrimblesboots


    17 Aug 2014
    parallel universe
    Selling Mark Lillis for buttons , City born and bred would die for the cause and was a half decent centre forward , the decision really tested my commitment to the club at the time , it totally pissed me off , we were going nowhere fast and selling our best players to keep afloat .If you had told me we would be one of the best clubs in europe in my lifetime , i would have sent for the men in white coats.
  9. Chappie


    18 Aug 2008
    Without doubt the biggest reason for us being in the doldrums for 40 years.
    The ousting of the Alexander family by Allison and his friends and getting rid of Sir Joe was a disgrace
    He got Joe Smith to buy them out who then brought in small time business men who were all in to massage their egos and allowe'd Allison to destroy one of the finest teams England had seen
  10. Prestwich_Blue


    26 Jan 2006
    Wherever I lay my hat that's my home
    And then Swales got him back to do it all again.

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