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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by malg, 9 Aug 2015.

  1. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    I'm new to cycling, so thought I'd start this thread, as I'm sure there must be some other recreational cyclists on here.

    I bought a MTB on eBay, a Genesis Mantle 20 (got it for £230, and the had only used it a handful of times). I've used it every day for work, but that's only down the road. I've also been on Clayton Vale about ten times, using the dark blue route (I did go on the red route once, but I'm still a bit of a shit bag, so I probably need to come off the bike a couple of times yet!).

    So, I'm after hints and tips on looking after the bike. I do wash it weekly, and oil the chain.

    Also, and more importantly, does anyone have decent cycling routes? I'm in Burnage, but don't mind travelling. I have a pathway (don't know if it has a name) that goes to Debdale, and has an off shoot to the canal pathway, but I've only used it to get to Clayton Vale).

  2. ColinBellsjockstrap


    23 Dec 2009
    Cycling along canal towpaths is great, usually there's quite a lot to see and it's easy being fairly flat. Not too far away you have the Bridgewater, Peak forest, Rochdale, Leeds/Liverpool and The Huddersfield Narrow Canals.

    Make sure you keep your tyres pumped up rock hard, it makes riding a lot easier.

    And never take your eyes of your bike or use a good lock and secure it to an immovable object. Bike insurance is pretty cheap.

    If you fancy going a bit further afield the roads around Knutsford are very nice, not too many cars with a few tea rooms to call in at.
  3. the god Gerry Gow

    the god Gerry Gow

    15 May 2008
    Don't forget to ride on the pavement when there are pedestrians about

    And always cycle through red lights regardless of other traffic about

    Until you manage these two things you can never call yourself a cyclist......

    ..... Other than that I hope you enjoy yourself. Some great places in the North West
  4. Innsbruckblue


    5 May 2010
    Do not wear f'in Lycra!
  5. uweuweuwe


    6 Sep 2009
    For maintenance bike right is a charity based in openshaw where you can do basic maintenance course website says it costs £75 but sometimes they have free courses.

    Routes try
    Plus pretty sure at the velodrome reception they have lots of free maps next to a big ap of the routes around Clayton.
  6. warspite


    1 Jun 2015
    I'm lucky that where I live in Urmston it is a 10 minute easy ride to the paths of either the Bridgewater Canal or the River Mersey and as Arfur Daley said ''the world is your lobster'' you can get anywhere, me and a couple of mates went down the Bridgy the other week and with a few diversions onto roads ended up at a great pub called The Ferry right on the banks of the Mersey at Fiddlers Ferry
    Keep your bike maintained especially your brakes, if they get spongy change the pads they are not expensive and keep everything well oiled, also carry a bag over your shoulder with basic tools and a spare inner tube or puncture kit, also a bottle of water as with all exercise never do it dehydrated
  7. Gaudion M

    Gaudion M

    5 Sep 2014
    The path to debdale is the fallow field loop!

    For a more adventurous ride try and get to werneth low via reddish vale. That's a great ride. Try and push your self and get better at going fast on rough ground. Once you're getting the hang of it head for landegla in North Wales.

    Try the stw forum for more bike related stuff although most people on there (me included) spend more on tyres than you have on your bike.
  8. uweuweuwe


    6 Sep 2009
    If your based in burnage a good bike shop for repairs etc is lane end cycles just off kings way near big tesco. Been a couple of times and a decent shop
  9. Why Always Ste

    Why Always Ste

    15 Oct 2009
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    111 South Stand
    We've done Clayton Vale a few times and it's ok.
    Philips Park in Whitefield/Prestwich is a decent route, good downhill.
    Billinge Wood Trails in Blackburn is sound as well. a few good routes there.

    Further away is one of my favourites coed llandegla in North Wales, get there in an hour or so.

    There's a few of us who've just started MTB'ing again and we're based around Manchester, so if you're interested PM me.
  10. willy eckerslike

    willy eckerslike

    15 Jan 2013
    Cycle insurance definitely. Mine even has breakdown insurance. About £70 a year. And they'll put you in touch with a decent legal team when some dozy prick knocks you off.

    Get a decent bright helmet. You will probably end up on the road at some point. If you learn how to keep looking behind you, drivers see the head motion and give more room. Also be polite and keep calm. I always thank drivers as they pass if they had to wait.

    A foot pump such as Joe Blow. Proper tyre pressure is worth upto 2mph. And carry a spare inner tube.

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