David Silva not recognised by PFA members - again

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by HarrytheBlue, 14 Apr 2017.

  1. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    I was going to mention De Bruyne as I know he has the most assists but went against it. Stats can be misleading as I would imagine it's in whole agreement he has been poor for a few months. You cant have such a dip in form and be in contention for team of the year.
  2. Blue Llama

    Blue Llama

    26 May 2009
    Poor? Yes but only against his own performances last season. Most managers would play him even on this season's performances.
  3. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    I agree but without any blue tinted specs on he hasn't looked his usual self for a while yet some want him in the team of the year because last week he became the player with the most assists.
  4. Callum Ramsey

    Callum Ramsey

    15 Feb 2016
    Raheem should've definitely been in YPOTY nominations certainly before Sane. As great as Sane has been since december, it would probably be a surprise to you that sterling has been directly involved in more goals for the team than him since that time.

    Since the Arsenal game in december which he scored in Sane's played 18 games with 8 goals 3 assists while sterling's during that same period reads 20 games 4 goals 13 assists. As for silva, he's imo been the most consistent player this season even during the teams bad run, he was head and shoulders above his teammates performance wise but I don't think its unfair he wasn't nominated based on this season compared to the others on the list(outside of Ibra maybe)
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  5. Burtonblue


    7 Nov 2010
    Can someone please confirm when the votes for these awards go in?
    Am I correct in believing they vote in December?
    If so why the **** is the voting done mid season!?!?! Surely voting should be a reflection of the whole (or the vast majority) of the season....
  6. hutton who blue

    hutton who blue

    27 Apr 2012
    We'll make them all look like the silly, headline, arsehole seeking ****s they are on Thursday when we thrash them for the shite they are.
  7. himalayan_blues


    23 Feb 2013
    medical doctor
    Why will he? He hasnt helped the countrys best squad (arguably) for fighting no 1 position. He doesnt score much goals. He might be our best player but not countrys.

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