Dodging bullets

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  1. Let's hope they don't sack Mourinho.

    Someone else might get them playing decent football.
  2. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Yeah it's funny I had that thought earlier. I think there's a fundamental problem they have though, which is that their board is incompetent and they lack a proper direction.

    Also there's a short supply of experienced elite managers these days. Either they choose someone who's up and coming like Pochettino, never won a trophy, never been given big money, never managed a big club before; or they go for an Ancelotti type, who's past it.

    Seriously, who are the best managers in the world who've got experience actually winning stuff at top clubs? Klopp, taken. Pep, taken. Heynckes, retiring. Simeone? Cant speak English and is even more dull. Zidane? Has no answers now the momentum has broken. Conte is pissing off back to Italy unhappy here.

    It's a bad time to go manager shopping, that's probably why he'll stay no matter if they go out to brighton on Sunday and finish 5th.
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  3. Surely they cannot persist with Mourinho - he's toxic and plays a terrible brand of football.

    It's splendid what he is doing to them.
  4. asaluttar


    26 Feb 2018
    They have already tried both with Moyes and van gaal

    If they can't get it done with a win at all costs cynical scumbag like Mourinho they have serious problems. Sure they would play better under a Pep or a more expansive manager but playing more attacking, open football would just expose this team a lot more.
  5. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    It's a bad time to go manager shopping, that's probably why he'll stay no matter if they go out to brighton on Sunday and finish 5th.

    The only one I'd really not want them to get is Conte. He's thrown his toys out of the pram this season because he didn't get the backing he wanted and lost interest once he decided his Chelsea side weren't good enough to win everything he wanted to United he'd get that backing, and we saw last season (and at Juventus) that his sides can be relentless. A Conte managed United might be one of the only sides I could imagine keeping up with us near 100 points.

    Pep spoke ridiculously highly of Conte in the second Pep Confidential book too, before he even knew he was coming to Chelsea, he had him pinned as one of the best managers in the world in the next few years, and I reckon he's a decent judge of these things.

    Fortunately I don't think he's going anywhere but Italy.

    So to bring it back on topic, I think we may have dodged a bullet with United giving Mou a new contract a few weeks ago, meaning they can't/won't change managers when Conte is free.
  6. El Gringo

    El Gringo

    1 Jan 2014
    PIt of Despair
    Gotta say as much as i respect Joe for what he did with us - that's a damn good shout. Eders has been instrumental in our success this season
  7. Not forcing Kompany to 'hang up his boots' either last season or this season despite his injury problems.

    Not selling Aguero 2 games back from his car accident.
  8. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Pogba is an interesting one. When we were pursuing him I watched a fair bit of him and said in the transfer forum I had my doubts. Yes he obviously in flashes looked the part and had all the physical attributes required but so did Balotelli. I got a fair bit of stick for my assessment. I haven't seen anything since to change my mind, although under a different manager he may improve. One thing I am sure of is either he goes or Mourinho does, the rift is huge there.

    Sanchez I wanted but then I watched him in that football tournament in Russia I think it was and thought, "Hang on a minute." He looked a bit of a busted flush and his performances at Arsenal were the same. I thought the latter may be because he wanted out but watching him now he looks a shell of the player he once was.

    Two bullets thankfully dodged here!
  9. paddyblue


    6 Aug 2010
    Sanchez for me was a big one, it never sat right with me when we where being linked in the summer, and when we hit the ground running I was delighted and Sergio working his arse off to prove his worth in the system, I was then afraid we'd get Sanchez in Jan and he'd upset the balance we had found. His shitty attitude at Arsenal and very underwhelming performances at the swamp have proved my doubts right, even his performances at Arsenal didn't blow me away, I didn't see what he'd bring to the team apart from an unsettling influence. He's also proven he's a greedy fucker in with is wage demands, be it from him,or his agent, it's great to see the club have progressed to the next level and we're not still throwing money around like in the Robinho days. We're in a position now to say no, it's been a long time coming (sorry for getting slightly off topic here, though it'll mean we dodge similar bullets in the future)
  10. Bluekiwi


    13 Apr 2009
    New Zealand (since 1974)
    I must have stupidly believed a report in the media that went something like "A source close to Manchester City's owners states that........................................"
    Silly me!

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