Donald Trump wins U.S. Election.

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    13 Dec 2016
    Interesting post, I would say that politics, religion and corporate financial contributions and interventions have lead to a manipulation of the education system. This has been true in various guises throughout history. I think the reduction of peoples exposure to a broad education, leading to a lack of critical thinking in favour of "believing what you're taught" which then undergoes the process you describe, is then passed down the generations to become increasingly ingrained and the default position (which then leads to your process again on an inter-generational level).

    This combined with much easier access to people with like-minded views and profit-based "entertainment or manipulation over fact" tailored news pieces, as well as much easier access to people of opposing views or stance who you can then engage with gang mentality against, has created this really poor reflection on society. It's gang warfare on a global scale. In the past you had to truly believe your convictions at risk of backlash and persecution, and stand up for what you believed in and what was right. Now you can just shout at people on Twitter and you won't get heard unless you back a sponsored view or are outrageous to the nth degree. True causes are hijacked and lost because there is neither enough risk or danger to hijacking it with radicalised views, nor is there enough to dissuade people from ganging up and shouting it down.

    The default position in life now is if you say what you think or what you believe and it doesn't conform, then you'll have to apologise on social media in 2 days and will lose your job until you conform. Thus, society gets bludgeoned with arbitrary and prejudicial "solutions" that either benefit no-one, or continue to benefit a very small privileged section of society, the only difference being it may be a different part of society than previously.

    In summary, people are on the whole poorly educated, have much easier access to like-minded numpties and no risk or penalty to ganging up and spouting their endless drivel, which in turn becomes self-perpetuating. Moderation and the middle-ground doesn't have the teeth to prevent the dangers either side of it from being destructive, and a result we end up with the social turmoil we now have to put up with. It may be just a different version of what's gone before, but we should be doing much better than this. We should be beyond this point as a society but sadly we've failed in the education of too many generations, and I don't really see a way back.
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    2 Oct 2011
    Hate to be pedantic but 0.000000001% of the world's population amounts to about one fifteenth of one person.
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    14 Jan 2009
    I appreciate the pedantry. Instead of acknowledging it, I'm going to pretend I was making a deep, philosophical point about the nature of humanity instead
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    11 Sep 2008
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    Was a good post that and made me do abit of soul searching myself.
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    27 Mar 2011
    I don't think that's true actually.

    I think he lied about his height because he's literally so pathetic he attributes height to power. The listed 6'3'' height is definitely something I saw before this medical report.

    However i'm sure they took a lot of weight off.
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    14 Jan 2009
    So his personal physician listed him as 6"3, the Presidential physician listed him as 6"3, and he himself claims he's 6"3 but this is actually a lie somehow?

    Because what? Because you just think these massively overqualified physicians can't use a tape measure or are somehow lying?

    Maybe you should have read to this paragraph:

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    west didsblue

    2 Oct 2011
    Not sure why anyone gives a toss about his height. The explanation could be as simple as some sources rounding up and others rounding down. Making an issue of something as trivial as this just gives him ammunition.
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    29 Apr 2008
    Which measurement was wrong then? Obama at 6"1 or Trump at 6"3 cos they're exactly the same height.

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    14 Jan 2009


    Again this is what I'm talking about.

    EITHER several highly qualified and reliable Doctors, one being a reporter for the NYT and another being a Rear Admiral in the Navy, have all decided to lie for the most tenuous of reasons OR photos sometimes give odd perspectives and people wear different shoes.

    The fact that anybody is considering the first one to be more likely than the second one is odd to say the least and is because it fits a preconceived notion.
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