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  1. eversince 76

    eversince 76

    16 May 2013
    You're a100% correct.
  2. He had a really rough first season in Italy and at his age it would have been easy to fade away at that point, but credit to the man for showing it was more a blip than a trend and really doing the business this year. To score so many goals in three of the top leagues in Europe, while not even playing for the most dominant teams says a lot about his ability, especially since he's never been a flat-track bully, inflating his tally with lots of goals against crap teams that have already been beaten into submission - well, I suppose the two at OT might qualify :-)
  3. razman


    23 Jun 2013
    happy for him !

    telling that his best 3 seasons - 1 at Rome - the current one and 2 at Wolfsburg .

    All the best to him.
  4. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    Always liked Edin. Top player.
  5. Big Swifty

    Big Swifty

    8 Nov 2011
    Funny how we love him now he's gone. I seem to recall it was "touch of an elephant" when he was here, let's get rid.
  6. davealvers


    7 Oct 2008
    Not from me it wasn't - I always appreciated how he came up with big goals. Even in his first season when we qualified for the Chumps League he scored a vital late winner at Blackburn. Plus all those goals that dragged us over the line at the end of title winning seasons. We've definitely missed his goals and the fact he was replaced by Bony is beyond parody.
  7. Steve68


    1 Aug 2015
    I think it's because we would have loved him to deliver more consistently for us. Although i think a lot of that might be down to a mismatch between player and formation/tactics.

    He did have the touch of an elephant though. He scored goals but was infuriatingly unclinical. Faded out of too many games and sometimes barely faded in.

    But he scored some absolutely crucial goals, sometimes looked like a world-beater, seemed a nice guy and I'm pleased things are going well for him.
  8. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    So true.
    Loved him myself but much more suited to the quick counter attack than the passing game.
  9. MadchesterCity


    12 Sep 2009
    I loved him and always defended him, near came to blows a few times with dickheads bad mouthing him!

    I never understand booing or bad mouthing your players, I know I hate Bravo with a passion but would always support him on matchday at the game
  10. Feed the Elk

    Feed the Elk

    18 Sep 2009
    His overall play was awful in his last season - telling how he's been so successful in Itay (a la pogdonkey)

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