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  1. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    Miss him and the alternative option he provided. Big goals In big games and never seemed to complain when he was left out of the side.

    Sold for the price of a championship player but glad to see him doing so well. Definite legend and more than value for money.
  2. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    Recently became a man of leisure.
    315 gold not platinum
    He seemed to lose focus in his last season.

    We'll never know if it was him or how he was managed.

    A Dzeko in full on mode was a joy to watch.

    I'm glad he's got his mojo back after I backed him last season to be top scorer in Italy and failed miserably.
  3. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    Only ever really lacked a first touch and the ability to hold up the ball within 6-10' of that first touch. Good shot with both feet and wonderful header of the ball, of course. Was never one to slate him, but did always feel that first touch was his Achilles heel. Glad he has done so well in Roma and he will never be forgotten for coming on and spurring us on to the 93:20 victory.
  4. citizenyank76


    16 Feb 2010
    Glad to see he's doing well again. Will always remember the goal against QPR. Roma sure were tough at negotiating a price. That's for sure.
  5. Indaparkside


    28 Dec 2015
    Everyone remembers the agueroooooo moment, but his goal was probably more important at the time it came in the game, that seems to have got lost because of the last kick of the game
  6. Idontpullout


    5 Jul 2013
    probably wouldnt have won the league the second time without him. 2 goals against villa in the second to last game and if i remember right, Had a great run of form when aguero was out injured in the run in
  7. jared


    30 Aug 2012
    What a season from the big guy! Roma finished with something like 86pts and still had to settle for 2nd. I think they scored the most ever goals too in season.
  8. blueincy


    23 Feb 2014
    Couldn't find the Bosnia v Greece thread so because it all started with our Legend Dzeko, i'll put it here...

    Edin Dzeko was scuffling with one of Greece’s players, and others soon followed. One crazy Bosnia’s coach took things even further as he kicked and punched a Greece’s player, while knocking his tooth out. An insane scene, especially given the fact that he was coach, and not some hot-headed hooligan.

    Bosnia is now facing severe actions, and will probably get points deduction, those making their qualification futile!
  9. Jim Tolmie's Underpants

    Jim Tolmie's Underpants

    27 Jun 2007
    Love how Dzeko wanders off after starting the whole thing and then calmly watches as the turmoil unfolds.
  10. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    Never complained but sulked like a **** at times and put in 25% effort performances in games after he'd been left out

    But did score some very important goals and have some sublime games for us

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