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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Thaksinssoldier, 5 Nov 2017.

  1. Thaksinssoldier


    28 Jun 2009
    Okay, I posted this a few weeks back in a thread, but I think it needs to be said.

    A lot of our fans need to realise something.

    I'll use today to highlight this but this will apply for almost every single game we play.

    David Silva was absolutely immense.

    He was able to be immense, because Arsenal were terrified of Leroy Sane. So they used zones and tight marking to restrict Leroy today. It worked.

    The trade off, is it left an acre of space for Spanish Dave and he tore them to shreds.

    Now, in the greater context of the season, this is going to happen in one way or another each and every week.

    For example, Leicester will double KDB and Silva. So expect Sane and Sterling to rip them apart. Next game, someone will try park the bus...so Walker will look a star.

    My point is, a player will almost be guaranteed to take the hit every week as teams try to figure out a way to stop us. It's sacrificial, and it doesn't mean the player had a bad game, he was just neutralised, which in turn allows another player a huge opportunity in that game.

  2. deano ou812

    deano ou812

    14 Jul 2009
    In the dugout....
    Agreed :-)
  3. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    doorman of perception
    wonderland ave
    you've just summed up Stephen Irelands rise to fame,on the back of robinho getting crowed leaving "superman" loads of space.
  4. Gingers Dad

    Gingers Dad

    8 Mar 2011
    Thought the in stadium decision to give KdB man of the match was really lazy. In what was a very tired performance after Napoli, Dave Silva was by far the best player on the pitch
  5. Newtoncc


    28 Jan 2013
    Part time diver
    I agree David was immense and i give Pep great credit for resting him Wednesday , the rest i totally get which is great as we have so many match winners in team in so many positions.
    Sorry can't elaborate too much only had a skinful to celebrate.
  6. bugsyblue


    7 May 2009
    Spot on. This team is special. Made so by the very special tactician behind them!
  7. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    MOTM in the stadium is usually shite. I'm sure it's names in a hat.
  8. Thaksinssoldier


    28 Jun 2009
    Absolutely! Back then think of the movement around him.

    The reverse is it sometimes allows players to look better than they are, just look at post Germany Mhktaryian ;-)

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