Edin Dzeko

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Bluemanc100, 21 Jan 2013.

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  1. pudge


    14 Jul 2008
    The poster formerly known as pudge
    But your implying that it's not important whether it was deflected, which is true.

    But to some, as "you have already made your bed" it's hard to know if you meant it's not important to bring it up and "knock" him or just not important in the grand scheme of things.

    I hope it's the latter to be fair

    People complain that his goals get "dissected" but this is what's happened;

    "Nice goal by Edin, regardless of the deflection"

    "What deflection?! You're a rag"
  2. Jumanji


    22 Jan 2011
  3. samharris


    17 Aug 2007
    I cant reply to sommat that I dont understand pudge.. sorry!!
  4. taconinja


    19 Oct 2010
    In fairness, I praised him after Newcastle and the only criticism I levied even close to his direction after Cardiff was a criticism of both forwards saying they didn't link well.
  5. St Helens Blue (Exiled)

    St Helens Blue (Exiled)

    5 May 2011
    He is winning me over for sure Karen.Just hope he keeps his performance levels at where they are right now
  6. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    That is a fair and balanced view to have but for some they seem incapable of praising him for anything,even when he scores it is lucky because it took a slight deflection,who cares,he scored it and it was not he who lost us the match
  7. Jazzy.ba


    14 Apr 2013
    Resident gooner
    It was a fucking deflection, but if it wasn't deflected, it would have been even better goal. I was wondering what would Dzeko haters have to say then.
  8. noise


    24 Oct 2012
    apparently Bosnian
    It really wasn't just Dzeko fans, it was most people. Also to be fair Balotelli never deserved to be a 3rd choice striker ahead of Dzeko anyways, especially the last half season he was here, he just wasn't delivering. I think Dzeko had like 7 goals for Balo's 1 in the same amount of time on the pitch and Balo was starting ahead of Dzeko, which would frustrate the most player neutral of fans.
  9. kara54


    12 Feb 2011
    The interesting thing is, even without his great goal Dzeko was much better than Aguero, who had a real bad day on sunday.
    Agueros 1st touch was terrible, he was too selfish, ran many times just into the defenders...
    And still, all the bashing is still directed to Dzeko.

    But, I'll try to resign myself to it.
  10. taconinja


    19 Oct 2010
    Sure it was a lot of fans. Lots of Dzeko fans, though, were rather open about going after him to take heat off their guy. In fact, that entire forum discussion that went about 500 pages was explicitly started... let me emphasize that... the discussion was explicitly started... as in the guy posting the first post... to take the heat off Dzeko. This was before a single ball had been kicked in the season. So no "bu-bu-bu-but Dzeko scored 7 goals to Balotelli's 1!" nonsense. They had both scored zero. Z-E-R-O.
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