EDS future opportunities and progression?

Discussion in 'EDS and Academy Forum' started by twosips, 10 Apr 2016.

  1. bitblue22


    23 Aug 2015
    Can we now all agree that out off the " fantastic 4 " that only nmecha at the present time is physical enough to push into the first team as a squad member. Foden hasn't played for the 23 s yet this year but gets on the bench for first team! Big PR stunt he isn't ready yet imo 2 years away. And it pains me to say it but sanchoo and Diaz got bullied in both the final games , please don't tell me it will be any easier in the prem . Two sip not directed at you just you last post .
  2. mancity2012_eamo


    17 Oct 2014
    I would agree with that but think Twosips has made a fair point regarding Silva or Hazard at that age, would have had evry bit as difficult a time.

    I think what we would like to see now is a plan from City in how that gap is going to be bridged.
    I don't think there is any denying the quality in the academy that seems to be getting better year on year.
    However that alone is no guarantee of a kid ultimately making it. Certainly not at City. A lot should be able to make some sort of career out of it.

    I think we as fans want to see tangible evidence sooner rather than later, that the next step of the way has been thought out and will be implemented.
    I don't claim to know what is the best way to develop a seventeen or eighteen year old for our first team, but there is a wealth of talent there that would get a chance at other clubs. I would like to see the next step of our jigsaw materialise.
  3. WallyA


    21 Dec 2016
    I agree about Foden, he hasn't even played EDS and is still 16, the kid has a ways to go but shows ridiculous promise.

    I disagree about Sancho and Diaz, don't judge them on the one game, but on everything overall. They have played a year of EDS (which is why Foden isn't ready I don't think any youth player should go from U18 to first team), and are capable of being squad players and play 20 or so minutes.

    Jurgen Klopp has done this for Ben Woodburn this season, the lad is extremely gifted and recently scored 2 goals to beat our EDS team, but was given a few tastes of first team to see how to raise his game. He has come on as a sub for like 20 minutes and didn't even look out of place, this even though he isn't that impressive physically, but it's because adding one youth player doesn't affect the first team that much, quality flourishes amongst quality.

    Diaz will be 18 for next season, he is DEFINITELY ready to be a squad player. I think Sancho can as well and so can Nmecha. My only issue with Nmecha is whether we have use for more strikers, if Unal is coming back and if Nacho can't get many minutes than Nmecha isn't useful and should be loaned.

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